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I think I have the answer to PVC's!!!

Hey guys, I don't normally post on sites, but I've had pvc's for about 8 years now.  They were pretty bad to the point to where I would feel like passing out and had to lie down.  Almost always they lasted for 12 hours in patterns such as lub dub, lub dub, lub......dub dub dub....lub lub........lubdub...and so forth...very bad stuff.  i found that they seemed to come when I was stressed.  I am an "A" type on the go fast thinker, etc.  After a few ER visits, cardio and blood workups, stress test, ekg, x-rays, and many other things I was pushed into xanax and sent on my way.  I too heard the words..ignore them, eat lighter, don't drink..blah blah....I guess I was supposed to live like a freak of nature and not enjoy anything.  Well.... I made a connection that when I stressed it messesd up my stomach...when not stressed I still had them though.... Hmmm???  I thought maybe a digestion problem...tried changing diet.... didn't do anything.  I noticed that my pvcs usually came in the middle of the night while sleeping, or after a heavy meal and a good burp.  In the past year I developed a new symptom that made them worse.  I started getting a feeling that I could not burp and could actually feel the air rising up and stopping at my breast plate, which would cause little pvcs to start, and later lead to a full out attack of heart stopping beats!  I went to a gastro doc and had a ton of test which he determined that I had a mild gastro perieces because my stomach emptied half its contents in 90 minutes when the norm was 70.   I thought...20 minutes and I have MGP.....Nah, not me.  After research I found that normal is 77 minutes...give or take 11 minutes, which would put normal at 88 minutes.  Now I'm only 2 minutes behind normal....and being that I didn't sleep well before the test I think I was right on.  

Now to the good part.  Sick of the BS, I  decided to try some digestive enzymes (2 with each meal) and  a probiotic in the morning.  I thought that I had a bug, virus, or just a weak output of enzymes.  I am no longer dizzy, no pvcs, no chest pain...completely 100% feeling great now for 6 months!  I'm not going to name a brand because I'm not here to advertise, simply to give you something new to try.  It worked for me, but if I stop taking them it's just a matter of a week before it starts back up, but much more mild then the past.  I'm also 4 weeks into trying a product that I developed and designed and without taking any supplements the problem has stayed away.  If you want to keep up with what I am doing feel free to email me, as I am going to start a board on my website with updates.  I would suggest anyone with  pvcs get checked out by your doctor first, but give the Enzyms and probiotics a try because they do wonders!   best of luck

If anyone wants to chat about it feel free to email me at ***@****  I'll keep your email and send you updates on my progress and expierments.   I hope this helps someone out there... I know what you are going through.  Put "add me to your mailing list" in the subject and I'll email you when I get the board up and running
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Its great that you're feeling better. But if there is one thing one can say about PVC's is that there is no simple answer to them. I've had 20 miracle cures in my life, only to have them come back again and again. I've also tried everyone else's miracles as well with mixed results.  The vagus nerve can stimulate them and it is attached to may , many other parts of your body. If they are irritated, it stimulates the nerve and causes arrhythmia. I've also been without them for years while drinking alcohol and  lots of coffee without one noticed PVC. It is a bizarre condition. All I can say is, ride the wave of good health !
Same here :(. They were essentially gone for a few years and now they're back and worse than ever.
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Couldn't agree more.  I think once you have them, there are triggers like alcohol and caffeine but that's not what caused them in the first place.  Without knowing the causes, it's difficult to find a solution.  Unfortunately, it's not a one size fits all condition. There have been a few studies done and athletic folks are a bit more susceptible - probably because of adrenalin.  Also low thyroid, hormone fluctuations and lacking in certain minerals can be causes.  But, for most of us it is a very baffling electrical problem that rears it's ugly head without rhyme or reason.

It's great when people do find something that works for them.  Haven't had that kind of luck so far so I'm going to continue to ride the wave of learning to live with them.
My doctor put me on metoprolol 25mg years ago and I rarely feel my pvc anymore.  He said I would have pvc’s for the rest of my life but they won’t be so obvious to me.  I’m happy with the outcome.  Before I would be up all night with pvc’s.  
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There is no single cure for everyone.  Some people do find something that eliminates or reduces their PVCs, but it definitely won't work for everyone.  Digestive problems seem to affect PVCs in a number of people - but not all people.  It's excellent that you're feeling better though.
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People try and figure out what causes PVC's. Me too, I've have constant PVC's for 2 years, never a day or hour without them, for 2 years. So Iv'e had alot of time to try to find a connection. I really can't figure one out, To me it seems that anything that stress's an already stressed system adds to the PVC mix. It can be digestive, hormonal, emotional, or any of the million things that can stress our bodies. The more stressed, in any way,(sometimes just being tired or hungry) will get them ripping. Not to say the digestive enzymes wont help, I have taken them, but I've learned not to get my hopes up to high for a simple fix. People also say B vitamins and mg help them, not so much for me. But I take them anyway cause they don't seem to hurt.
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I thought I had a good fix for pvcs too. It was a combination of b-vitamins, but not the synthetic ones. It really took away the sensation of them, but didn't do much for the frequency. I was happy with not feeling them though. But after a couple of months the sensation of them came back again, and I was aware of them same as always. I think I've tried just about everything out there, including enzymatic therapy. I even tried berberine sulfate because of it's antibacterial, antifungal, and antiprotozoal activities, because I wondered if there were a connection to digestive upset caused by these things. No such luck.

I hope that what you've found works well for you. Like the previous posters here, there are so many triggers, it's a help just to avoid the ones you can.

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Congratulations on finding what helps you.

I thought I had come up with a good combination, it worked for a few weeks, then, they decided to come back. :(  I have tried everything natural, some, I would say, are the cadillac of supplements like CoQ10, magnesium, D-Ribose, you name it. Everytime I think I am over the horrid things, they come back, I get so panicked when I get them, my face burns, I get a tummy ache, all the anxiety symptoms.

I have a history of a hiatal hernia, and I do know if I drink a lot of water, eat a lot, or take my vitamins, they will can act up to an hour after wards. I am blessed in the fact that I usually only have one set a day, then I am free, sometimes I can go a few days without them. But, when I do get them, they scare me out of my mind. They have been going on for 5 years, for about 3 years, I had none, now, I am getting them more regularly. It seems after my beloved mothers death in 2005, they have been more prevalent, and as other folks here say, anxiety DOES bring them on, also being near my menstrual cycle can bring them on as does getting a cold.

I wore a holter monitor for 24 hours back in 2003 when they first started, it did not show anything except 2 PAC's, the rest of the tracing was "excellent" according to the doctor. Sure wish I would stop worrying.

Well, enough from me. I hope all of us will stop having them, and when we do get one, we won't be so scared. Will be praying for all.

Sounds so familiar! I will be trying the enzymes because when I get a full stomach it messes with my mind and the heart beats and then BINGO! ANXIETY. I appreciate the probiotic information. It can't help to try. I know papaya enzymes were given to me by my mom when I was a kid- I'll look for those again. CLEARLY over eating for me brings them on. I ate a huge YAM tonight and I can't sleep. I haven't been able to sleep without clonazepam. going on week 3 for GAD. I think I am perimenopausal and I think I am more sensitive to stimulus not just stimulants. I cook all my own food and read the labels at the hot bar at Whole Foods because if you combine sodium with any kind of yeast it turns into MSG in your system. I stay away from any hydrolyzed anything  and no white stuff. I will eat sprouted ezekiel bread (less lectins) but say no to most grains. I can eat oatmeal in moderation. Brown rice moderation. I am still trying to see what I can eat. Mostly homemade cooked foods and some raw dishes but nothing that gives me an upset stomach for sure and nothing with too much sodium or "natural flavors" because thats a hidden word for all kinds of stuff that turns into MSG even though it's technically not MSG until it combines with Sodium. I am tapering down my meds slowly and reading a good book on living anxiety and phobia free and also having my heart checked by cardiologist again next week for the real tests. Blood tests all came back normal. I do have PVCS but they rarely catch them at the Dr's office.
At least we have each other and we aren't alone! Deep breathing helps when I feel the panic of irregular heart beats coming on. Anxiety is a yucky thing. I think it''s emotional, hormonal, biological, spiritual and physical. At 46 your body needs certain things. Slow down and do what you realy want to do and also take better care of our bodies. God bless everyone suffering through this. Seems like we could all put a book togther from this thread! LOL
Thank you for sharing, its weirdly comforting to know I am no alone and many others go through it and yet we are still alive:)
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Hi to my new community!  I am 61, been having  episodes for the past 35 years.  Mitral valve prolapse.  Never know when it's going to happen, still don't know triggers. But I do know how  to immediately get my heart rate back to normal -  my inversion table!  Gets my head below my heart, instant results, thank goodness!  Only problem is when I am not at home.  Hope this helps people.

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Interesting. One thing that seems to help me is taking a protein drink, and they go away for a few weeks. I think it is something to do with protein deficiency, and that is why digestive enzymes might help.
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I was diagnosed with afib — it seems to happen for me too when I eat & go to sleep.  I figured out that it has to do with my stomach & not my heart like the doctor says.  I refused all medicine.  What has gotten rid of it for me is ReMag magnesium, and ginger — now brand Ginger Root Extract with 5% gingerols.  The ginger has been amazing!  Also the magnesium.  If I get an attack of afib, ginger stops it within about 10 minutes.  If you don’t have capsules, I have also used 1/4 tsp of ginger from the spice aisle mixed with a little glass of water.  I’m thinking I may have gotten this Afib  from taking levaquin.  I am going to add in enzymes for insurance.   Thanks for the tip!
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It's an electrical fault...When do you go to the ER for them to be treated? If they are only PVCs (premature ventricular contractions), you may feel bad, but they are not a risk. Going to the ER will not solve anything since the ER MD will not do much of anything. Your best bet is getting the opinion of a Electrophysiologist.
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You don't have the answer to PVCs. You have an answer to one cause of yours. That's it.
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