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Irregular heart rate since a week now

25 years male,162 cm,60kg/151lbs,very little exercise,sleeping habits not so good(though a heavy sleeper and sleep twice in 24 hour,one 6-7 hour at night and 1-2 hour at noon)). Never experienced something like this before.On 24/02/2021 in the evening I was at the station carrying two heavy bags and wearing a N 95 mask ( a little suffocated).After putting the bags down I went to buy some snacks(after 10-15 minutes of rest) and all of a sudden I started having this rapid rates or palpitations in my heart and it lasted about a minute or so......also there was sweating on my palms feets and forehead.Next day I went to the doctor did and ecg and he said everything in fine,just take rest.Then on 1/03/2021 in the morning around 10 am my heart was beating very fast again,I plugged the pulse oximeter it jumped from 80-85 to 144 beats....i was rushed to the hospital...again did ecg and was told nothing to worry.They asked for couple of tests which i did.Following tests---- Echocardiogram(usg of heart),Thyroid test,complete hemogram,vitamin D,serum creatinine......Everything showed normal except vitamin D was little insufficient.He prescribed me beta blocker and vitamin D and asked to maintain healthy lifestyle.After two days in the noon I was having same symptoms and was taken to a cardiologist ,he did the ecg and found irregularity in the rates.He prescribed me AMIODARONE 200 mg and Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5 mg.Since last palpitation its not stopping and happening after 15-20 minutes.Its more while I am in rest or laying down...with exercise or walking it decreases a little bu again when I am sitting after exercise or walking its increasing .Doctor said its normal and eventually with healthy lifestyle it will go away.My doubts are following
1.Is it normal/common at all?
2.Is it reversible with medicine or do i need electrical shock therapy?
3.In future(after a month or so) if i discontinue medicine,what are my chances of dying/very high pulse rate jumps?
4.Why didn't any cardiologist prescribed angiogram?Is it bcoz of my age or normal Echocardiogram(usg)?(i doubt they would do it after a stroke or heart attack...gosh!!)
5.I do feel pain in my left arm sometimes and low in energy with little dizzy head sometimes...am I having mini heart attacks and mini strokes?
6.Now I get easily tired after a walk
7.can somebody join gym and stuff after this sort of stuff?
8.not sure if I ever return to normal?
..........while writing this I had palpitations many times.....peace.Please reply me if you went through the same.

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You need to relax. I do not think any Cardiologist will do an angiogram on someone so young unless they find something in your ECG or ECHO and even then before doing an angiogram they will order non invasive tests such as contrast MRI or nuclear stress test to see your arteries. I think if the cardiologist thought you had any kind of blockage (which would be rare at such an age) then the cardiologist wouldve told you and ordered the non invasive tests. So Relax and be happy that your ECG and ECho are normal and that means your heart is structurally normal. You are probably getting runs of ectopic beats or just sinus tachycardia or breif runs of SVT. All are perfectly harmless in a normal heart. You dont need to worry. You can ask your cardiologist to get you a heart monitor for a week and then you can see what rhythm you are getting when you get those palpitations. Most likely it will be a benign rhythm sine your echo is normal. You need to fix your anxiety and heart symptoms will stop. I hope you feel better.
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Thanks for replying.How os your health now?...
My update: well now i have changed my lifestyle and going for jogging twice a day(more like fast walking).I didn't feel any skipped beats since starting amiodarone or may be one or rwo skipped beats in last 20 days.Though I developed couple of new symptoms
1.my left arm to shoulder rrgion pains sometimes(may be twice/thrice a day)
2.I also get headaches and very little dizziness around 9 pm at night(may be thrice a week) and it lasts aroun an hour or so.
3.Sometimes I feel my left side is little tight or someone has put some weight(not so heavy).
4.My resting heartbeat stays between 77-85...though sometimes i see it fluctuating on oximeter from 71 to 86.
5.My bp is low i guess(65-107)...i somewhere read if your bp is low your heart needs to pump more blood and your HR increases even while resting.Idk if its bcoz of the meds.
......I have a visit to the cardio again on next month.Lets see.
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