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Is this a possible heart rythm issue? (Bradychardia, Tachycardia)

I am still awaiting testing for these issues - but would like to hear if anyone has any idea on what could be happening here.
Female, young adult, otherwise healthy. I have been having issues with fast heart rates, nausea, sweating over the past few months on minimal excertion. Eg- I’ve measured my resting to be 60-74 (lowest 54 from what I’ve seen). Upon standing this will raise above 100. Walking around the house 110-120, and walking down the street for 5 mins 150-180 (I do not get out of breath with these high numbers when just walking). I’m just not sure what could be causing this?

A couple things I would like to ask however - sometimes upon standing the HR will increase to well above 140 without moving. This is when I will become nauseas, palpitations, sweaty and fatigued, and feel like I need to sit down. It resolves itself when I do.
Another thing I’ve noticed happening sometimes is I’ll stand up and my heart will slow right down - slower than what it was when I was sat. While slow, I’ll have really strong palpitations and a thumping headache. This goes off quite quickly - with my hr speeding back up to the standing 110-120 within 20secs - 1min. Any idea what could be happening here? (Eg; sat; 73. Standup - down to 58 with headache and palps for about 20 secs, but quickly increases up to 130 walking out of room - headache goes away, palps stay sometimes)
If it’s any help, we have a family history of Sick Sinus Syndrome with Brady and Tachy issues (not sure on the specifics) ; and my BP sat up in bed is often around 95/49 - not sure if this info is of any relevance. Thanks for your help! :)
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Hello~It sounds like the issue may be due to weak adrenal glands, I would ask your doctor about this and having some blood work drawn to check your adrenaline and noradrenaline levels. These two hormones help keep the heart rate, blood pressure, and stress response in balance. They are also responsible for the body's "fight or flight" response.
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I would also get checked for POTS.  Othostatic hypotension meaning your blood pressure goes low upon standing up.  I get that and things can go black for me for a second but it correct quickly.  If yours isn't correcting itself it could be POTS.  There isn't a cure for it but things that can help is taking in a bit more sodium, maybe try drinking some sports drinks, especially when you are being physical.  And compression socks I heard can help.  But it does sound like the sweating and racing heart is a sign of low blood pressure causing you to become faint.  You might also want to get checked for anemia.  There was a period of time when I had very heavy periods due to a uterine fibroid and I passed out while standing up a few times.  I had the same symptoms you are feeling so a full check up is probably a good idea to get a full picture of your body's over all health.  It could be POTS or it could be some other health related issue like anemia caused by something outside the heart.  Hope you can find some answers.  Take care.
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