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Is this bigeminy or a run?

So for some days I have pvcs and pacs all day. I know that i have both from previous holters. Anyway I got something strange and I wanted to ask if it could possible be bigeminy. It went like beatBEATbeatBEATbeat i think. The ones in caps were really strong abd the others felt like normal beats. Any ideas.

My cardiologist said to stop worrying. I had two echos and three holters in the past ten months. The most recent holter a month ago.
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There is NO WAY that you can diagnose that without an ECG recording. Listening to others does not help because
a. they have usually no clue either
b. its a VERY subjective thing
c. the cardiologist told you not to worry.
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Yes I know you're right. I just can't seem to stop obsessing. I'm afraind the cardiologist is missing something. I'm afraind that I have one of those rare conditions that require abd MRI but my cardiologist is not doing any more tests. He says that I am fine but I'm scared I have NSVT that can turn into VTACH.. I know I'm being a hypochondriac but I'm so scared. I have pacs and pvcs every day for a week now. I can't take it anymore.
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Thats a run of PVC i getbthis everytime I have a pvc. In some cases if stressed or talking to someone and I get excited  it will go non stop, I have to leave the situation or just RELAX for it to go away. Im sure that when my BP rises I get it, the run...
Its bigemeny if I let it
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