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Is this forum active?

Is this forum active. I just realized many of the posts that come up are from years ago.
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We have activity on this forum, yes.  Someone will hopefully answer your question soon.  Take care.
Thank you! I’m glad to hear that
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Yes, when people do searches for their question sometimes old posts pop up and people respond to them not realizing that the post may be inactive.  
Thank you. I think the old posts were really throwing me off. Some years seem to have been more popular than others and I just kept coming across them thinking no one was here any more I’m really glad that’s not the case and will be more active on the site!
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I pop in every few weeks to see what’s up.
Glad to hear it! Thank you.
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I still stop by here occasionally, but I'm retired now and don't spend as much time here on this forum as I use to.  To be honest, I have found a lot of activity on another type of forum frequented by physicians and experts as opposed to patients like us.  I can forward you the name if you text me, but wont give it out publicly out of respect for MedHelp.
I sent you a message thank you!
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I've been on this forum for 10 years.  There use to be a lot of daily traffic.  Today there are a number of other avenues to discuss SVT and other health related issues.  The subject is alive and well on social media while has withered and died on newsgroups.
Right now we have some unanswered questions a little lower on the page that got bumped out by some others so it would be great if you could weigh in for those folks.  
There is a very good community leader who answers a lot  of questions, she checks in every few weeks. The moderator is great also. .  
Hey Tom,
Thanks for responding and yeah it’s sad a lot of the groups have quieted down. My issue however isn’t SVT (although I do suffer from this as well) which comes from the upper chamber of the heart mine is NSVT which comes from the bottom chamber and isn’t SVT.
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