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I've been diagnosed with sinus tachyardia, should I ask for beta blockers?

After being ill with covid-19 last month I've had reoccuring heart palpitations and elevated HR that doesn't seem to calm down. I went to the ER and they noticed sinus tachyardia on the ECG.

I have a history of heart malfunction. I was diagnosed with pericarditis and myocarditis at the age of 18 5 years ago and had troponin levels > 700. There was structural damage to the heart muscle but I recovered fully. But the question is, could this be the reason that my HR beats faster?

They did a standing test in the hospital and lying down my HR was 90, my blood pressure was 120/80. Standing up my HR shoot up to 160 and my blood pressure goes down to 80/60. Minimal physical movement makes my heart rate go crazy. I could be lying in bed with a HR of 70 and just by moving my leg my HR sprints to 110-120 BPM.

It does calm down when I sit down or rest but as soon as I walk around it goes up to 120 or more depending on the situation. It makes me dizzy, winded and I feel off. I feel like I can't take a simple walk without feeling like an 80 yo old. I'm going in for a second evaluation in two months and I'm doing a stress test and will have a Holter monitor at home for a week to catch any irregularities. Speaking to my cardiologist he doesn't want to prescribe beta blockers due to my low age (23) and my low blood pressure. I feel like I'm going crazy at home with a constant elevated HR. It's debilitating.

I've looked around on the web and there seems to be little consensus about sinus tachyardia. Only treatment is beta blockers. Should I look for a second opinion? I can't stand my heart palpitations.
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I  know this has been a while, but I have palpitations after covid, wondering if you ever got help with it?
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