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Just dealt a major setback following my recovery from ablaltion....

Early Saturday morning, I was awakened with severe arrhythmia from out of the blue.  I had to get back on the Metoprolol which coincidentally I had stopped completely taking only one day earlier. I took a scheduled stress test today that was suppose to see how I was doing off the Metoprolol, but it became a test to see what was going on rather than to see how I’ve progressed since the procedure.  This was nothing like I had before.  I was/am experiencing PAC's with non-sustained runs of SVT thrown in.  Cardiologist wants me back on  my original dose of 100mg per day that I was taking before the procedure back in Nov. and may fool around with other meds before sending me back to the doctor who did the procedure.  He thinks there might be  filament of conductive muscle that he missed during the procedure.  So ultimately, I may have to get another ablation done.  We’ll have to see.  I still managed to get 10 minutes on the treadmill which doesn’t sound like much, but at the end is running 4.2mph up a steep incline.  Doc says at some points, my heart was throwing salvos of SVT between 250 up to 300 beats per minute.  I could have gone more, but he punched me out having gotten enough data.  I'm currently OK, but I feel PACs at least once a minute at rest, and walking about the large building here at work results in SVT and lots of PAC's.  This is not good…….  
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Icky (harshest words allowed by the auto-moderator here)

Hope you're able to go back in and get fixed up.
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Oh no!  I can't believe this happened to you.  You were doing so well.  I hope they can fix the problem soon.  Hang in there, we're all rooting for you!!
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Hey Tom, I will be fine. I know how PAC & PVC are anoying. But I am sure if anyone can get through this it is you. I am so grateful for all the advice and support that you have given me. I will be praying for you daily.

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It will be fine! sorry
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Yes there is a difference because mg citrate works in the citrate exchange portion of the krebs cycle and is not involved in muscle cell pathways to the extent malate exchange portion is. Mg malate is invovled with supplying energy for muscle cell function including heart muscle cell pathways which can misfire if not functioning properly causing heart arrhythmias such as PACs and PVCs. There are many studies to verify the clinical value of mg as related to arrhythmia especially after open heart surgery. I take 425 mg of magnesium malate per day but I take a formula that includes malic acid. This is extremely important because the malic acid is synthesized in the body through the citric acid (Krebs) cycle (in the mitocondria) and it may be at a deficit in the mitocondria of the cell. Malic acid provides the cells with energy and carbon skeletons for the formation of amino acids. Synthesis of proteins, fats and carbohydrates necessary for cellular integrity, normal activity and function are dependent on ATP availability which supplies the energy for their synthesis and actions and malic acid/malate pathway is the pathway magnesium needs to facilitate for proper muscle cell function. Magnesium deficiency causes swelling and disruption of cristae in the mitochondria, with a decreased number of mitochondria per cell so mg and malic acid work together to provide proper functioning of muscle cells. Additionally, only tissue malate is depleted following exhaustive physical activity, even though other key metabolites from the citric acid cycle necessary for ATP production remain unchanged further demonstrating the use of malate in the muscle cell pathways including the heart muscle tissues. I use Source Naturals formula because it includes malic acid with magnesium but if you prefer you could take any form of magnesium and eat a granny smith or green apple and hope for the best. You would probably have to eat ten green apples though to get enough malic acid to make up for the loss. Let me know how you do. I believe that the reason people are confused with the different types of magnesium that are availble is because you have to understand microbiological cellular respiration/function to see how all this works. I have had 2 years just to understand this much. Thanks

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Misery loves company I guess.  As you know Tom, I've on my 7th day of feeling like crap. In fact, I'm on a monitor right now!  Hang in there, this may be something that just requires minor med tweaking.  Keep us posted....

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