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Lead 1 has Iregularities from limb lead test for wrists and legs.

Hi, I recently had a limb lead test for my arms and legs. Leads 2 and 3 were both healthy and normal but lead 1 had a regularity. It was a slow weak signal.

Naturally I'm going to be talking with my doctor about this. But I have to wait quite some time before they will talk to me. I wanted to ask people if they could please explain to me on here because all my online google research is turning up very little information for my specific situation.

Red electrode was on interior right arm.
Yellow electrode was on interior left arm.
Green electrode was on interior right leg.
Black electrode was on interior left leg.

I stood. I sat. I was laying down. I was being perfectly still to take readings. I was in a controlled and environment without anything that may have interfered with the machine. I was in a relaxed state for a long time to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

Lead 1 is always the same.

Can anyone please give me more information about what is going on here?
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