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Long AFib episode (30 hours)

I am a 67 year old female with paroxymal AFib. Had an ablation in 2017 which did not sustain. I just had a long AFib episode finally went to ER and the found that fluid had collected around (NOT IN) my lungs and that BNP value was 608. Was converted 4 hours later (with Cardizem) with BNP going down to 200. The fluid began eliminating itself. Does this mean I have heart failure for life? I will be seeing electrophysiologist as soon as I can and try to get another ablation. I know I should have gone to ER sooner but I usually convert on my own in about 2 to 3 hours and converted for short periods of time during the 30 hour period.hours. I usually go about 5/6 months between episodes but have had three this month (March 2019). I am getting very scared. My thyroid went from 3.65 to 5.96 according to ER blood work. Could this be the reason episodes have increased? I have been on Levothyroxine for over 4 years. Would appreciate any response I can get. I take Metoprolol and Eliquis for AFib. I am very anxious and scared. I hope this is not chronic heart failure. They did not tell me I was in heart failure...I am just assuming.  
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Please try not to be scared. Things are seldom as bad as we build them up to be and it won't help your health to be scared but make it worse. First off, you have not been told you are in heart failure from what you said. And even if you are, that is not a death sentence and it need not be chronic. Also, the beta blocker you take "should" keep you from going into heart failure in most cases. But you really need to speak to your doctor and try not to get all worked up in the meantime. I can appreciate how you feel. Trust me. I do.  If the first operation did not work, are you sure a second one is a good idea? I don't know. I am just asking. I've not had one and hope I don't have to. But I know lots of people who have and some simply don't take. They may work for awhile and then they don't. Try to pull yourself together. Do you have anyone near you that you can talk to and get some support? Talking to a caring person sometimes works wonders. It sounds like you have done all you can in your present situation. But your doctor is the only one who really knows your situation and knows what would be best for you. So try and talk with him or her as soon as you can. If you can message them, do. If you can contact them on the weekend, do. Do whatever you can to get some answers. Meantime, hopefully someone else will come on here who has more knowledge on this than I do.  You'll be ok Jeanette.
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Thank you for your kind help....your responding made me feel better.
I'm very glad it made you feel better. We feel bad enough with our conditions and do not need added trouble existing in our thoughts where they can do damage. You "will" be ok and you need to believe that. Just take it one day, one hour at a time.  Please post what your doctor says and anything else. Support is important to all of us.
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