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Lots of PVCs!

Hello everyone once again.

I have occasional PVCs / PACs, sometimes I am "clean" for months, then I get them back, but it's very rare that I feel more than 1-2 a minute (when I feel).

But now I'm a little scared because I was having a great time, no PVCs at all for months, and suddenly yesterday when I was swimming I've got a run of ectopics in a short amount of time. My heart rate was fast at the time, and probably got a lot faster because I panicked.  Maybe the panic caused the PVCs to get worse, but who knows..

I didn't count them, but I surely got 10+ in a minute. It was more scary than normal because they came out of the blue when I was feeling great and exercising!

Last year I had EKGs , echo and stress test, all normal.

Anyone ever experienced something similar? I must admit I'm afraid to exercise and don't know how to deal with this thing.  
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This sounds just like me. I will go months without any and then BOOOM out of nowhere they come back many a day for weeks. PVCS have a mind of their own and come and go as they please. DRs have never found a rhyme or reason as to why they do this. You my friend are not alone, and I know that surprise and fear. Once i get them out of nowhere i obsess to the point that i keep them around. Anxiety is the number one trigger for these damn things. Also, I think subconscious anxiety also plays a huge role in pvcs. You will be fine friend. Its alot more common than you think. You will NOT die, you will NOT damage your heart. I have been to MANY doctors as well. Pvcs are very evil little things.
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thanks for your words. Yes I think I should just think that I won't die from these things, because that's the first thing that I think when I have a run of many PVCs.

In the meantime they disappeared once again, and who knows when they will get back!
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The big problem is that I am developing a kind of exercise phobia and I get anxious when I start to exercise. For example, if I climb steps my heart rate goes very fast, 160+, but not because of the exercise itself..  It happens because I once had a panic attack climbing steps, and now it's stronger than me, my mind keeps telling me that I will have another one if I climb steps.


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I have been having a similar problem.  I had a bunch of stuff going on, had a root canal, then another tooth had a broken root and abscessed, had to have it pulled, was taking clindamycin, an antibiotic that makes me sick, then got through that and got an UTI and had to take cipro which can affect your heart.  So I was stressing big time from all that was going on and the PVCs came in droves.  They have kept me awake at night on occasion, in the morning  when I wake up I am every other beat is a PVC....it has really freaked me out.But I KNOW that my brain is causing a large percentage of my problem and I'm trying my best to calm down and ignore the evil ********, but it's hard.  Once you get something in your head it's hard to get it out.  They woke me up a couple of nights and now I'm scared to sleep, even though I know better.  Last night, time to go to bed, had been fine all evening...the dang things started up again.  I hate it!!!!
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I know exactly what you mean. I have had the exact problem with exercising. I was scared I would overwork my heart and that it would be harder to combat the pvcs. I know exactly what you mean about exercise. Also, when they happen I tend to lay around and think about them all day which makes it 10X worst. Ive noticed a day or so after i get reassurance I have NO pvcs become im at ease, but once I start worrying again they come back. Its all got to have something to do with out subconscious anxiety as well.
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I have been doing alot of research about the affect of the subconscious mind and Anxiety/PVCS. I think once youy program your brain to be scared of these things you get stuck, in a sort of PANIC mode, and until you fully relax the pvcs stick around. When I say relax, I mean sort of forget about them a bit and give your body time to die down from the adrenaline fatigue. When people like us think about them non stop it causes alot of adrenaline and that in  itself can cause them.
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I noticed the effect of anxiety on my heart rate.. If I am anxious during the day and I measure my pulse in the evening, it's 80+, but if I have a relaxed day, It's around 65..

And You're right, anxiety is one of the most important triggers of PVCs
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The hardest part is retaining the brain.
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