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Low Blood Pressure and Irregular Heartbeat

I just checked my blood pressure on my blood pressure monitor and it said 97/54 pulse 76 and showed the irregular heartbeat symbol. I was feeling like my heart rate increased which is why I checked it. I have a history of PVC's but have always been told my echo is normal. I checked my blood pressure right after cause I panicked and it jumped to 128/81 pulse 93 but no irregular heartbeat symbol. I waited a few minutes went down 110/73 pulse 75 no irregular symbol on monitor. I normally have low blood pressure reading 100/60 sometimes 95/58. Should I be worried?
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All your numbers look good to me if you don't have any dizzy symptoms, for example.  

I would not worry about a reading on a BP monitor about irregular.  Check yourself, if you can't feel you pulse you may want to spend $25 and add a stethoscope to your at home heart tools.  If your "ear" can't detect an irregularity, I'd conclude it isn't irregular.  

I have an irregular HB, due to AFib, and that means I have to guard against clot formation, aspirin plus an anticoagulant.  PVC/PAC do not increase the risk of clots even though they cause an irregular HB.... so I understand.

Try not to work up a worry, that by itself is unhealthy.
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I wouldn't worry about this at all.
It happens to me all the time because my heart rate goes up during measuring, or I have benign sinus arrhythmia (variable heart rate with breathing). That your heart rate is measured as "irregular" just means that your BP monitor detects different time between heart beats. The most common cause is as mentioned sinus arrhythmia or the fact that your heart rate may increase during measuring. Other common causes are PACs or PVCs.

If your heart rate is really irregular for long times, you should of course have it examined by your doctor, but I strongly assume that's not what happened here.

Your blood pressure and blood pressure response to the stress and panic is excellent.
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