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Might need a pacemaker later on...battery replacement surgery?

Pacemakers, they're batteries need to be surgically replaced. Now days why can't they be wirelessly recharged like phones? It should be similar tech because they both use lithium-iodide batteries.
My neighbor went in to have her battery replaced & pass away on the operating table. I would hate to think there could have been another option.
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The answer is actually quite simple.  The battery isn't replaced, the entire pacer is always replaced.  Only the leads remain.  There was a rechargeable pacer in the 70's.  Researcher even developed a plutonium powered model developed that would last 30 years, but the idea of carrying plutonium in your chest didn't go over well.  Rechargeable seems like a good idea. But if you're putting a pacemaker in to keep someone alive, you don't want that to rely on their ability to recharge it.  So the interest in rechargeables has really dropped off quite a bit as the battery technology and circuit technology is allowing devices to last more than 10 years.  Like any other electronic technology, pacemakers continue to advance in their abilities.  A device implanted 8 years ago cannot compare to its replacement today.
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