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Multiply types of SVTs

I found out I had SVTs when I had my son (1st pregnancy) 15 mths ago. I had PIH and was on bedrest for the last 2 mths of the pregnancy. I was admitted and delivered at 36 wks. My son was healthy, but I had a major SVT during labor. My cardio during that and for the 6 mths after it, treated it like is was not a big deal. At his office, I was a bored housewife and tired new mother. That I could or could not take a beta blocker and wait until I was older to have an ablation. My husband and sister are both physicans, and althought not cardiologist, had many questions on his treatment and plan for me. I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks in August. I changed cardiologist and recently had an ablation and 3-D mapping. During the ablation the cardiologist had a hard time controling my heart rate and blood pressure. I now take a beta blocker daily and still have SVTs even on a cardiac diet. I ended up having every type of SVT except Wolf H Syndrome. My cardiologist was scared he would have to put a pacemaker in at the time and wants to go back in for another ablation 3-d mapping in 3 mths. My questions are: 1. Is it normal or common to have more than one type of SVT? 2. If I ended up with a pacemaker could I have more children? 3. What would the risk of future pregnancies be with and without the pacemaker??
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I have PAC's, PVCs, PSVT and had some atrial flutter during my first ablation. I've had 3 ablations because my heart is so resistant to change :-), the longest took 7 hours. There was some talk of a pacemaker for me but I declined. I still have my arrhythmias except for the flutter (I think) and I prefer to cope with them than take meds. I am on Diltiazem for 2 weeks because of upcoming surgery. They don't want any surprises while I'm under anesthesia. Hmmph, where's their sense of adventure?

A pacemaker might be the best solution for you. It would save you from taking meds the rest of your life. And if you want to get pregnant again, I'm not sure what effects, if any, the meds might have on the baby. It will be up to you and your cardiologist. You could write down all your questions and pin down the cardio. That way you'll understand fully what's going on in your heart and feel comfortable with the final decision.
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I had my first pacemaker in 1982.  I had my first daughter in 1987 then the second in 1989.  They both are healthy and study in the uni at the moment.  My pacemaker implanted at the right upper chest wall, not tummy.  I don't know if implanted at the tummy would affect the pregnancy or not.  Chest wall won't.

I have wpw, so SVT(AT) and AF are in that package.  I also have my His bundle ablated in 1985.  I got my natural conduction through the accessory pathway not AV node.  I am not pacemaker dependant.
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My ablation took over 5 hours due to the number of sites and types of SVTs.
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