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My PVCs and the Vagus Nerve

Hi all, I’m back.... I’ve had a good run the past few years, with only the occasional PVCs/day, bliss! Then, 8 weeks ago, they decided to scare me again. I’ve had them for 25 years, and they still scare me and make me feel bad. But I’m still alive, so that’s one consolation. I took some immune strengthening vitamin tablets for more than a week and think this created an imbalance in my body. This and perhaps some Covid stress, who knows, 2020 is a strange year! Took Betablockers (my last resort but a huge help to keep me sane during an attack). Went back to the doctor, had another echocardiagram (didn’t want the holter monitor, been there, done that). All ok of course. By then, I also felt better, after 8 weeks of misery. I need to start my exercise again (just walking and Pilates, anything too strenuous and I have tachycardia and PVCs...). I still take my fish oil
tablets, def helps! I still think in my case it is a vagus nerve irritation. If I have an upset stomach, I have heaps of PVCs and they make me just miserable. I wish there was something to calm the vagus nerve! Because then my heart would be calm, I'm convinced of it.

I hate them, but have to live with them like so many of you. I’m sorry we have them... stay well and I hope you all find a way to accept that they are in your life.
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It may not be the vagus nerve. It could be autoimmune type POTS, where your immune system creates antibodies for specific neurotransmitter receptors. This can lead to elevated heartrate PVC's and brain fog. Usually its aggrivated by being in a pro-inflammatory state such as bad diet and poor sleep.
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Tried all kinds of sups - what did the trick was l-arginine + taurine + l-carnitine fumarate, 500 mg of each/day. Took about 2 weeks. Been OK for ~ years now.
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