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My future after ablation for Afib

I am a very healthy female, 60 yrs. old, and recently diagnosed with Afib and am scheduled for a catheter ablation. I honestly think I may have brought this on by continuing to train hard (like HIIT training at near 100% MHR) after breaking my ribs in a mountain bike fall. Certainly my lifestyle will likely change post ablation, but after I am off the drugs and blood thinners and my heart has "healed", what are the chances that I can backpack, cycle up hills, and teach fitness classes like I have been before (with obvious modifications and monitoring I guess) (?) My husband is ready to chain me to the couch for the rest of my life...I'm needing a ray of hope that although I may not be able to go "balls to the walls", that I can once again be active without causing further damage. Any experiences out there?
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I know nothing about AFib but in an ablation aren't they just burning out the problem cells? I wouldn't think you would have much restrictions (within reason, use common sense etc).

There are a lot of knowledgeable people on here and I'm sure you'll get a good reply but you should ask your cardiologist to be certain.

I'm pretty sure you'll be able to exercise and be active.
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Being chained to a couch would not be doing you any favors.  However, you will have to moderate your training and limit the time you spend at MHR.  I posted an ESPN article on this very subject a week ago and ITHOOD posted a youtube video from a research cardiologist (former endurance training enthusiast) on the same subject.  The message is the same, you can damage your heart if you overextend MHR time period.   Best wishes for a procedure well done.  Where will it be done?  ps. there are a number of endurance athletes that belong to lone afib forum.
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