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Mystery heart issue, anyone have ideas?

So I am a 31 year old male and I started having these issues 4 years ago primarily while exercising (also happened a few times after consuming caffeine). What happens is during workouts my heart soemtimes will feel like theres a slight pressure on it and then it cascades into feeling short of breath, dizzy blurry vision and my hands and feet will go numb and feel like there is a constant vibration going through them. My heart will feel to me like it starts pounding harder and faster and feels irregular. Most times feels like i will either pass out or i get the feeling of doom like im going to die.

Ive had a cardiologist for 3 years now and hes done event monitoring stress test heart ultrasound x rays and i currently have an implanted blue tooth heart monitor. I have also been to the ER about 10 times for this. The doctors have yet to find anything at all even though this keeps happening and continues to happen. It happens primarily more when i do squats and deadlifts and also when i do things like pull ups or lat pull downs. It has also happened several times between sets of lifting weights when im just stretching or expanding my chest. It has also happened alot when i jus take a deep breath or cough. It feels to me like something inside is hitting or rubbing causing this to happen. X rays and ultrasounds have turned up nothing and they claim its anxiety attacks, which at first i believed but now im 100% convinced it is not anxiety. How I can tell its not anxiety is that i have tied its occurrence to consistent physical things such as chest expansion and deep breaths. I have let my docs know this and they continue to say.. Well we will just keep monitoring you cuz nothing is showing up.

Also I forgot to mention after these attacks i feel extremely weak and tired and my hands and feet continue to be numb for a while. The episodes usually last 10 minutes or so.

Any ideas are appreciated.
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