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NSVT and flecainide

Hello everyone! I have not been on here for years! Remember me from way back in 2002? Yep that's when it all started for me. Anyway, its been almost 17 years for me dealing with all these crazy heart skips, bumps and worry. These arrhythmias have consumed every fiber of my body for 17 yrs now. I have finally relaxed about the non sustained ventricular tachycardia. Hundreds of tests and doctors and more monitors later. Well that was until last week. I had to find a new doctor just your normal everyday doctor, since we moved in aug I figured I better get one closer to me now. So I go into this new docs office last Tuesday I wrote all my history down. I was just trying to get established that's all. So I write down NSVT. He comes in and says you have super ventricular tachycardia? I said no well ya but I wrote non sustained ventricular tachycardia down. He looks at me and says " Do you know nsvt can kill you? Are you on meds? This can kill you! Now that you are older! You could go into the river from this you could pass out!" Blah blah.... I told him I have a cardiologist and I also have an implanted monitor again for them to watch what is going on. I told him that I have had every test known to man.. It wasn't good enough! He asked if I was on meds. I said no! I tried metoprolol years ago and had the run of nsvt three days into taking them. I told him I have low bp so betas wont work for me without lowering my bp. He then says I should take Flecainide. I said no way no how!! Ok so here I am again. Years later finally learning to live with these pesky things and finally thinking im gonna be ok.. Nope not now.. Thank you Mr. new doctor!! So now im all freaked out again.. I don't want to take flecainide.. My question is does anyone take flecainide for their nsvt? If so tell me all about it please! This was the short version..

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I have taken flecainide for 10 years  for pvcs and it is great.  I have had -0- side effects and it works great... I was  having 8-10 pvcs per minute and I haven had any to speak of since starting on the flecainide.. I  take a high dose of 150 mgs twice daily and it has given me a life back... I know this is different from what you have but my guess is that it would work for you...I know of one person who has taken it for over 20 years with no problems... hope this is some help./... claytex
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Thank you! Did you get admitted to the hospital when you first started it? My cardio years ago said they usually admit patients to hospital for three days while they first start it and she would admit me for five days since im so sensitive and use to live two hrs away from major hospital. I sent my cardio a message after I saw this new doc I went to and her reply was only for me to start flecainide for my symptoms if I wanted. So apparently she isn't worried. So I should go with her suggestion. I really don't want to take it but I don't want to die suddenly either.. I have office visit with her nurse practitioner next week to have my monitor checked.
Do you have any symptoms anymore?
No, was not admitted... just started taking it.... and have -0-  symptoms now....i think its great...... it does not bother me and I have -0- side effects from the flecainide.
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For whatever it's worth...I had a few 5 beat runs of NSVT this past year caught on a monitor.

One crazy cardiologist freaked me out about it.  This is guy was in need of retirement.

I went to see an EP doctor on my own.  He offered to do an ablation even though the PVCs were considered benign (they were having an extremely negative effect on my life).

I went for the ablation and the PVCs stopped two days before the ablation.  Still tried the ablation procedure but he recommended he not try as he couldn't provoke them enough.

He told me (and I quote) "In no universe, galaxy, anywhere are these going to kill you or shorten your lifespan".  I felt good, left.

That being said...3 or 4 weeks later the PVCs came back hardcore.  I called him and he said I'm going to put you on Flecainide.  Didn't ask me to come into the office.

I picked up the prescription...haven't tried it yet.  

I asked my GP about it.  I said..."man I'm petrified to take this stuff".  My GP replied to me "Look this stuff is not the poison it's made out to be.  I give it to little old ladies with heart conditions.  If it comes to it and you want to try it...you'll be fine".

I'm a 43 male, former college basketball player.  I exercise somewhat regularly.

The bottom line is for SOME STUPID REASON...if we as human beings have 20 people tell us something is safe and ONE PERSON tells us it's not...then we harp on that one person.

I've never had any cardiologist tell me my PVCs or the short runs of NSVT were "going to kill me".  I think that doctor is a bit of an alarmist.

I would honestly FIND A GOOD ELECTROPHYSIOLOGIST and see what they say.

I doubt the Flecainide is going to hurt you.  That study, from what I understand called the CHAT study, was kind of flawed and dealt with people who had pre-existing heart issues such as Coronary Artery Disease.

I KNOW what these things can do and I KNOW what you are going through/went through.  I'm a strong strong individual.  Nothing ever phases/phased me.  These things...broke me the heck down.

I was one foot off the bridge with these things...with my kids the only thing holding me back.


I recently tried something interesting that all but stopped my PVCs.  GAS-X.  (active ingredient Simethicone).  Think I'm crazy?  LOL  Try it for yourself and see if it makes a difference.

My PVCs and rhythm issues are ALWAYS accompanied by stomach gurgles/etc...

I read somewhere that GAS-X helped someone and tried it.  It seems like it's helped me.  I'm about 9 days deep with only a handful of PVCs per day down from thousands.

Who knows...  google "simethicone help heart palpitations" and come to your own conclusion :)

Good luck
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