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Hey guys,

Another heart rhythm question here.

How does one know if they suffer from NSVT? there was alot of attention on my stress test as I decided to call it a day at 12 minutes due to a strange hiccup sensation that I feared to be a PVC. my heart rate stayed around 130bpm for the following 10 minutes. I was very anxious and can recollect having near enough a full blown panick attack during the test which made me stop.

The EP said it was sinus tachycardia due to anxiety.
So what separates NSVT from normal, expected tachycardia?

And is it dangerous?
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Oryt ok.

I was gonna say, every now and again when I exercise, if I'm having a bad day with anxiety then I'll overthink when I workout and eventually have a panick episode as my workout comes to an end. I get the high h.r that fails to go down for an hour or so. But obviously it's been looked at on the stress test so I'm not really worried.

So then, tachycardia covers a whole spectrum of things.
When we exercise, what type of tachycardia does it fall in? Appropriate tachycardia? Ventricular tachycardia? Sinus tachycardia? And when we have a panick attack, would that be like.....inappropriate tachycardia or idiopathic?
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NSVT: Brief runs of ventricular rhythm (lasting less than 30 seconds). The rhythm is initiated in the ventricles, and is wide complexed on EKG. Very easy to differ from sinus tachycardia.

It may or may not be dangerous. It is, however, not at all relevant in your case. The EKG showed sinus tachycardia
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