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Non Specific ST and T wave abnormalities

I am 27 y/o female. I recently had an ECG at my cardiology appointment. It was an interesting experience. I had a 12 lead ECG that showed 120 HR Sinus Rhythm with non specific ST and T wave abnormalities. I had a minor panic attack during the ECG and I was tapping my foot to calm down. The medical assistant started the ECG while I was tapping.

The nurse practitioner who saw me wants me to do an echo and stress test to rule out heart blockage, ischemia, and heart attack. He also sent me home with a 7 day heart monitor.

I will say this ECG was done differently; the Medical Assistant placed the leads in an interesting pattern and did place the leads on my shin, which I am accustomed to having done. My last echo was 1.5 years ago and was normal with trace-mild tricuspid valve regurgitation. I do get occasional ectopy, more PACs than PVCs.

Is non specific st and t wave abnormalities life threatening?

Do I need another echo given I had one 1.5 years ago?

If the NP wanted to rule of ischemia and heart blockage why was I not admitted to the hospital?
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Hello~I have had this on my EKG once or maybe twice, it was always benign however. I think that the placement of leads is very critical to getting an accurate reading as is remaining perfectly still. I would ask for another EKG and see what the findings are.
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Thank you , this makes me feel relief. I am wearing a 7 day monitor do that should help clarify things.

From what I’ve read non specific changes are better than having specific changes in that they are not correlated to disease.
Im glad everything was okay with your heart health after this abnormal ekgs.
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