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Non Sustained SVT

I am 70 year old male.My ECG  taken twice during Sept' 10, has indicated  a Border Line Abnormal case . Subsequently , 2D Echo was carried out which showed - No RWMA , EF - Normal and Valves - Normal.However, the Holter Monitoring for 24 hours for me indicated Non-Sustained SVT and No Arrhythmia During Symptoms. I have been advised to take  
Diltiazem Hydrochloride 30 tablets 3 times a day.I would like to get an Expert Advice on how safe is my  heart  condition and weather I
need to take any medicine for life long.
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Few here, I think, would recommend against your existing medical advice.  Your doctors have the best data and knowledge/experience to advise you.

I follow my doctor's recommendations.  I am one year older than you, so I do not stand a a proof of living into 80 years, but I can say I have suffered from atrial fibrillation and other heart problems for about 15 years and following my medical advice has helped sustain my life that long.

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I'm wondering if you mixed up terns?  I know of non-sustained ventricular tachycardia which is NSVT.  I've never heard of Non-sustained Supra Ventricular Tachycardia though.    These terms can get confusing but they are very different.

NSVT in a structurally normal heart is usually labeled benign.  

Like Jerry says follow your doc's orders.
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