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Nonsustained VT

Hi there, is it possible to just simply change your lifestyle to deal with NSVT? Given that it is a safe arrythhmia... Any advice would be appreciated. I want to avoid regular beta blockers and ablation. Kind regards
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I personally don't know.  What I do know is once the foci or spot in the heart starts to fire off there is always a potential for it to fire off.  I think that it is possible to maybe eliminate it with lifestyle chancgs depending on the trigger but I can't be certain about this.  If the arrhythmia is caused by a block or other damage to the heart it probably can't be fixed without an ablation but if it is caused by things like stomach issues, electrolyte imbalances or the biggest trigger stress, then maybe it can be avoided but vt is really just a run of pvcs and my cardiologist basically told me that I may never totally get rid of them.  Unfortunately the fact that you need medical clearance may prohibit you from flying regardless if you yourself are able to control the issue.  I am not certain a cardiologist would sign off but maybe you can enlist a cardiologist to figure out how to help you get clearance.  Take care.
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I think this depends on a lot of factors that your doctors will take into account when they give you a diagnosis and your options for dealing with it. For instance, when we found my NSVT following an ablation 10 years ago, doctors told me that I was probably ok to make lifestyle changes and control  my arhythmia with low dose beta blockers as needed. And for the past several years, I have not used betas at all even with flare ups.

I think the factors probably include your tolerance to you arhythmia, how easy it is to set off, its cause (cause by disease, genetics, or just idiopathic), what triggers it, the underling morphology, and your overall health, inlcuding vavle sufficiency and overall heart function.

Fortunately, doctors have a way of looking at all of these factors using a variety of tests and measurements, including something called an ep study, which is an invasive but pretty low risk procedure.  You really should consider seeing an ep about this and getting what ever testing they recommend. This is the best way to cover your risks and make the lifestyle modifications that will keep you alive and healthy in the future.
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