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Nsvt and scared to the point I can’t function.

I’m really struggling and worried about my mental health. So I have a loop recorder that I got put in almost two years ago. In May of last year (2019) I had my first official run of NSVT it was 14 beats long. Because of that they had me get a cardiac MRI which was completely normal. They decided I needed no treatment other than to stay on the 200 mg of Toprol XL I was already on to control my SVT and atrial tachycardias. I managed to go all the way up until two weeks ago (July 14) before I had another run. I was sitting reading something on my phone when my vision went slightly blurry then I felt my heart go irregular and I got a heavy rush. It was a total of 12-13 beats. It was something like five beats in  a row followed by a normal beat than three more beats in a row, normal beat, three more etc.... They also thought there was one more episode that day right after but it looks like it was just a repeat of the same episode on the monitor. Four days later, I had another episode when I was laying in bed and I believe that was 8 beats total. I’m terrified. They (my EP and his PA) however are not worried and told me that because I have a structurally sound heart it’s ok and they don’t need to change anything. I asked what if I have more and they said they would still keep it the same. I don’t qualify for an ablation or an ICD. That I need to be reassured they have no reason to believe it would be life threatening. But in my head I know arrhythmias coming from the ventricles are bad news. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea that it’s not a concern or that If my heart is capable of causing NSVT what stops it from going worse- which is what drives a lot of my anxiety. This has bothered me so much I have been crying nonstop. I barely eat, sleep and so on. I told them all of this and I do have a therapist but my fear for well over a decade has always been having a ventricular arrhythmia and here I am. I don’t personally know anyone who just lives with NSVT, has a normal life and doesn’t treat it so I think that’s also causing me distress. I feel every beat which is terrifying. There’s no one like me for me to talk to and it makes hard. I also have other medical issues and this on top of it just feels like too much. Is there anyone who has experienced something similar or can help me with this? I don’t want to be an anxious mess who doesn’t live life. I just don’t know how to deal.

And here’s something I should add- I just recently got diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism, my TSH was 96.2- yes that high, I previously only suffered from Hashimotos but had a normal TSH until March and on this July 7th they had me start Synthroid 25mg. That stuff is horrible I haven’t felt well since I started it and I can’t help but feel it helped to set off the NSVT which my EP doesn’t feel like it did. But it had been a whole year since my last episode and only a week after the medication. My endo had me stop the Synthroid last Sunday after the last NSVT episode and we have taken this week off to try and figure out what to do.

I also have potassium and sodium issues which I take medication for, asthma and a few other controlled issues.

Sorry if this is all over the place. My mind is going in a million directions.
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Hi there.  You sound precisely like me and my experiences.  About 10 years ago PVCs hit me like a freight train.  Completely destroyed me mentally.

I too had a cardiac MRI...came back perfectly fine.

I had every test you can have short of a heart cath.  Everything came back fine.

I played basketball in college.  I'm now 45.  Three things helped me and I'm going to share them with you in the hopes the "might" help you.  Each person's experience with these devil heart arrythmias is different in terms of what helps.  

I will tell you this...you are not crazy.  You are not alone.  This happens to a lot more people than you think.

I was debilitated by these.  Started when my wife was pregnant with our daughter.  I was so angry that it took away my enjoyment in life

I searched high and low.  I was on the table for an ablation (aborted).

They put me on Metoprolol (horrific drug...hated it...made everything worse).

I tried Magnesium, Taurine, potassium, all the stuff you read about.  Seemed like it worked once in a while.

What finally worked FOR ME? (I stress the FOR ME part as everyone is different)

I was told by a doctor from justanswer.com to get tested for SLEEP APNEA.   Weird as that sounds ...look it up.  I can aggravate arrythmias.  

I was tested at my request and low and behold I stopped breathing 20 times an hour in average.

I got on CPAP.  Got better almost immediately.

I got COCKY...stopped CPAP...got worse again.  Got back on CPAP...got better.

CPAP has been a life changer for me.

If you've tried things and are looking for a ray of hope (as I was) request to be tested.  It's easy to test for Sleep Apnea.

Lastly...I know where you are mentally from what you wrote.  I was there.  As hard as it is, remind yourself you've been tested, it hasn't harmed you.

You're not "anxious" like they keep telling you.  If your heart would calm down you wouldn't be anxious anymore.

Get tested for sleep apnea...you have nothing to lose
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I know you are scared and stressed.  It's normal to feel these emotions when issues arise with out hearts but you can trust your doctors.  They would not mislead you that you have nothing to worry about at this point.  It is possible the change in medication or hormone fluctuations are contributing to your current issues but the more you can find ways to destress and let go the better both issues will respond.  Stress releases it's own type of chemicals that can affect our bodies in adverse ways.  Taking the time to deep breath and remind yourself to trust life will do wonders for your well being.  The final thing I will say about your heart rhythm issues is that the rule of thumb when it comes to VT is if it doesn't sustain then it isn't anything to worry about.  It really is only when the heart is damaged or diseased and/or if the signal gets caught in a loop it is unable to break that things like ablations or ICDs are considered.  A heart doctor will always err on the side of doing less because the risk needs to be worth the reward to intervene.  What is really important to know is the heart is an amazing muscle that can beat all sorts of crazy ways and still keep us alive.  So take some time to make peace with having heart rhythm issues and try to put your focus on mental well being by working on your stress and anxiety.  It will help make a world of difference.  Take care.
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Thyroid issues can mess with heart rhythms...  You said you had a TSH of 96.  TSH is a pituitary hormone not a thyroid hormone.  Did they test the actual thyroid hormones, Free T4 and Free T3?  I'm sure with TSH of 96, your actual thyroid hormones would be quite low.  

Have you started taking the Synthroid again or are you still off the med?  It's typical to start thyroid meds at a low dose, such as your 25 mcg but that would only be a "starter" dose.  It actually takes 4-6 weeks for the medication to reach its full potential in your body and it's not the least unusual to feel worse before feeling better when starting thyroid meds.  

That said - not everyone does well on Synthroid... you should ask your doctor for a different medication.  I didn't do well on Synthroid either, but did okay on Levoxyl, which is another brand of T4 medication.  You might also do better on the generic, Levothyroxine, than on Synthroid.  I didn't do well on Levo, but better than I did on Synthroid.  

Hypothyroidism and/or Hashimoto's can also cause/exacerbate anxiety or depression, as well.  Please don't delay in getting the thyroid treated.
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You wouldn’t qualify for an ICD but if it’s “ruining your life” it’s probably appropriate to consider ablation.

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