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Occasional sets of 3 rapid beats in a row felt at wrist pulse ?pvc?

Hi I do get pvc pac and tachy a lot to do with anxiety and I take atenolol 25 mg day and 1 mg clonazapam daily I have noticed a few times in past 3 weeks maybe 4 x? I feel a weird flutter so take my pulse ( anxiety habit ) and I feel the following :
Beat -- beat-- beat -- beat -- then a fast beatbeatbeat  then back to normal or may do it one more time or a little slower then goes away
I am used to pvc feelings but unsure if this is different ?! I have had normal stress test and week long event monitor and 24 hour holter in past 2 months normal aside from some pvc pac tachy
And some couplets and two triplets were noted no ones concerned ( except me )
Has anyone else felt similar ? Any feed back on what the fast triple best thing is would be great as I am worrying about it
Thanks everyone
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Three or more consecutive PVC's  are classified as NSVT.  Might be worth mentioning it to a physician....
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The weird thing is they don't feel like pvcs
They did see the odd triplet on my holter is this a triplet even though it was three fast beats no puse like my usual single pvc
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Just read pac can feel this way like an extra beat sandwiched between two reg beats ??
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Wow all the old regular members from here that were so supportive and informative must have left this group :-(
Yes you are absolutely correct an interpolated PVC or PAC can feel like that. It could be that or it could be a couplet. In a normal structure heart any such rhythm is benign. So dont worry :)
Hm, interesting.  Are you sure it is benign?  It does make one worry.  Does stress impact this?
Hey @specialmom.  Most arrhythmias in a normal structure heart are benign. There are only a very few dangerous rhythms which can happen in a normal structure heart but those are very rare and almost all of those are related to history of sudden death in family. So as long as your echo shows your heart is normal structure and has a normal Ejection fraction and you have no history of sudden death in family then pvc pac or even runs of those are benign. Yes stress impacts them as your adrenaline increases which causes the pvc or pac.
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