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My daughter has been diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.
A Cardiologist talked about useing Midodrine and then prescribed Toporol in a low dose. This is a beta blocker and from  what I understand also has a diuretic component to it. I am concerned with this choice of meds as we were told at Mayo Clinic that she needed to increase fluid intake and add salt to her diet to help retain fluids. Her blood pressure also drops when she has an episode and this med is used for hypertention.   Do you have any information on meds used for this condition and their effectiveness.

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POTS can be very tricky to treat.  I lot of dealing with it is understanding how to manage the symptoms and work around them rather than letting it control your life.  I agree that diuretics are not used to treat pots.  Midodrine may help increase her blood pressure.  SSRI are sometimes helpful.  It is probably helpful to see someone that specializes in the syndrome like at the Mayo clinic and use that as a guide to what treatments work best.  I personally do not have a lot of experience treating POTS and would recommend seeing someone that has seen a lot of it.

Good luck.
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i have pots also and have not yet found the right treatment. after two ablations and pacemaker (14days post op) i still feel like garbage.
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