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PVC/PAC question

I have had PVC's / PAC's for the past 20 years.  They seem to come and go.  For the most part... .I would get a few and it would pass without any trouble.  But this past Friday I started to get them about 20 a minute and it has not let up.  I went to the ER just to be sure and they confirmed they are PVCs and told me I could go home and just to forget about them because they are normal.  Has anyone else experienced a sudden onset of a lot of them and will I get back to my normal state?  They are driving me nuts.
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I am experiencing the same thing, only pvcs not pacs. I am 41 and wondering if it could be hormonal, as I hear it is common. They say stress also effects them. They are so freaky feeling. I lay awake so much due to so many.
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Well, you are not alone.  Mine are also mostly PVCs but when I was in the ER they told me I also had a few PAC's.  They tell me that none of this will hurt you and that its normal.  Sure doesn't feel normal to me.  When did it start for you?  How many do you have per minute?  If you feel like me... you are probably just waiting on the next one to happen.  Not a good place to be.  Are you taking any meds?
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