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PVCS and long qt!

Hi, for the past two months or so I've been suffering with PVCS, I seem to get about 100 or more a day and they absolutely terrify me, I know when I worry I make them worse but I can't take my mind of them when they happen! I was diagnosed with long qt about 2 years ago I currently take metoprolol 50mg twice a day.. I have freaked my self right out tonight because I've read that if a PVC occurs during the qt prolongation it can cause cardiac arrest! So now I'm sitting here worrying like mad. I am so scared that the beta blockers are just not enough but every cardiologist i have seen doesn't really know much about prolonged qt and they just tell me to have follow ups! This is really ruining my life right now ive been paid off from work because I was always off due to the fact of PVCS and anxiety :( does anyone know any good techniques to stop them? Any advice will be appreciated
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I am sorry you are having a difficult time.  Unfortunately there really is not way to totally stop them.  Most people who have them have to learn how to manage their biggest triggers as best they can.  Things you can avoid are caffeine, sugars and carbohydrates.  Spicy foods and foods that cause acid reflux.  Becoming dehydrated and over extending self working out.  and stress and anxiety.  Many people have PVCs daily some a lot more than you are experiencing so they can be lived with.  PVCs can be very scary but they are generally benign in an otherwise healthy heart. I would suspect if you stay heart healthy you need not worry even with long qt but in life there are no guarantees.  As hard as it is you can't sit around worrying about every breath you take.  Try to not let fear rob you of a life.  I would say instead of focusing on your PVCs focus on tackling your fear of death.  Seek counseling if possible because it really is a tricky thing to overcome.  The truth is we are all going to die.  Some sooner than others but your issues do not mean you are guaranteed to die young.  You just as well could die of some totally other cause so make the decision to take your life back from this and you won't regret it.  Take care and feel better soon.
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