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PVCs and sleep apnea an update on those suffering

First...I know what these PVCs are doing to you. I have been where you are.  I know how they take over. I also know how noone gets it.

Please read this

I posted last year give or take about the fact that I have PVCs like many of you and ALSO like many of you have not been taken seriously when explaining to medical professionals how much they destroy your life.

"Benign" or not...they're mentally debilitating and rob you of a lot.

Some quick quick background.  I'm 45.  Played college basketball.  Athlete my whole life.  Two kids.  I regularly train in mixed martial arts.

PVCs my whole life.  Became consistent 8 years ago.  Very few periods of relief.

Doctors tried a lot of things.  Was even on table for ablation.  Of course PVCs stopped MORNING OF ABLATION.

A Dr on JustAnswer.com said very bluntly "You have sleep apnea.  Get tested."

I got tested.  Lo and behold I stopped breathing 18-20 times per hour.

Plenty of research correlates sleep apnea and heart rhythm disturbances.  Also plenty of research detailing how CPAP therapy helps tremendously.

I won't cite links...just Google "Sleep Apnea heart rhythm".  Also Google "PVCs and CPAP therapy"

Long story short...CPAP (for me)...all but cures them.  When I stop, I feel like dog doo doo and the PVCs come back in about a week.

I'm writing this now...because I got cocky and stopped my CPAP therapy for about 3 weeks and wow did they come back.

I started CPAP again and in 3 days they were all but gone.  Mayne a handful per day.

Now the big thing here. I did my OWN testing.  I literally over the past year and a half...have tried to conclusively prove to myself that the CPAP helps.  

Everything I stop...the PVCs get awful after a couple weeks.

When I start CPAP again..takes about 3 or 4 days of consistent use and the PVCs punk put.

I'm not saying I'm a doctor or medical person.

I'm just saying...IF you feel lethargic and tired during day...and notice that you get headaches or any of that stuff GET TESTED FOR SLEEP APNEA and then come back here and thank me when your PVCs get better.

I posted something similar last year just to help.
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One last thing...just to recap

Do yourself a favor and get a sleep study done to determine if you have sleep apnea.

Google "Pvcs and sleep apnea" and read a plethora of studies showing the correlation between the two.

I have demonstrated to myself over the past year that when I don't use my cpap, the PVCs return.  When I use my cpap they go away.

It can't hurt.  Talk to your Dr and ask for a sleep study.
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A few more




On this last one the conclusion of the study states:

"We report a case with nocturnal frequent PVCs and central sleep apnea syndrome. PSG demonstrated severe central sleep apnea syndrome including Cheyne-Stokes respirations. After nocturnal nasal oxygen therapy, the PVCs not only during sleep but also during the daytime significantly decreased and his symptoms disappeared."

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Here is a study example discussing ventricular arrhythmia and Sleep Apnea

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