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Pacemake battery failure signs

My father is 85 years old and in hospice care.  He is 5 ft 6 in and only weighs 94 lbs.  he has two AAA about 7cm.  He has a pacemaker that he is 100% reliant on.  Doctors will not operate on AAA or pacemaker replacement due to frailness.  What can I expect as the battery on the pacemaker fails?
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Modern pacemakers don't just "die".  When the battery voltage drops to a certain level.  The pacemaker will go into an "end of life mode"  (battery, not person).  It's sort of a last ditch conservation mode until the battery can be replaced.  What happens then is the pacemaker will fire to a preset pulse rate.  It will no longer take into account what the user's heart is doing.  The is reported by some to be a very uncomfortable, miserable feeling.
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Just to clarify, the battery isn't actually replaced.  The entire pacemaker is swapped out.
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