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Painful palpitations

Hello everyone.. New here.. And tired of having so many symptoms and not enough answers..
Tired of going to the ER hearing the same old "anxiety" thing..
Long story short.. I have documented pvcs for 10 years(as well as psvt, ist, but that's another story?) .. Benign they say, but as you all know, not feeling benign at all. Some days i have 2, some days i have hundreds, some days, rarely, none.
What is relatively new to me is that sometimes when the extrabeat occcurs it comes with something like a stabbing pain.. Does anyone feel that?  For a second or less i feel like a knife is stabbing my heart. And sometimes this can happen with every single pvc, which may be like several times a minute.. Not great!!! Am i the only one? Do you thing i should investigate those things again? I have maybe 10 echos, 2 holters, countless ecgs.. The last one 2 years ago..
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Do yourself a favor and get a sleep study done to determine if you have sleep apnea.

Google "Pvcs and sleep apnea" and read a plethora of studies showing the correlation between the two.

I have demonstrated to myself over the past year that when I don't use my cpap, the PVCs return.  When I use my cpap they go away.

It can't hurt.  Talk to your Dr and ask for a sleep study.
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I get pain form them, but it's usually a continuous dull pain.
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