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Palpitations, skip heartbeats when excited.

I am a 43 year old female.  I suffer from anxiety but has been under control although I still get symptoms.What really upsets me is when I'm overexcited about something I tend to get palpitations or skipped heartbeats.  
For example if I have to talk in public and I want to make my point across I get it, when I do karaoke and I am excited about singing my favourite song, my heart starts and my legs turn to jelly.  I was into politics at one stage and when I had to talk in public I thought my heart was going stop.  I don't think is social anxiety or fear about talking in public because I am a very outgoing person.  What is it?? It really stops me enjoying myself or getting passionate about things.  The worse of all is that I get worry about damaging my heart or heart failure and I have stopped doing things because of that.

Could someone give me advice?

Thank you
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What you're experiencing is probably a natural reaction to the sudden dump of
adrenaline into your blood stream.  The heart rate quickens, and it can cause skipping as well.  All of us at one time or another have felt aht surge of anxiety, the quickening heart rate, and occasional skipping.  Only a physician can tell you for sure, but most of the time, these things are completely benign and the farthest thing from heart failure.  By the way, my wife is a very outgoing person as well. She's sweet, smiling and can make friends with a perfect stranger.  Yet she was gripped with panic attacks and anxiety for years, so much so that n some days she couldn't leave the house.  Psychological counciling got to the root cause of her problem, and after that she was on her way to a near complete recovery.  Based on my wife's experience, I firmly believe that if you suffer from extreme anxiety, there's a hidden cause for it.  Counciling will help find it, and then confront it.
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You probably have benign PVCs (google it). If you only feel palpitations when you're excited, it's probably caused by the adrenaline as Tom said.

Alot of us on this site have benign PVCs, including me. There are many posts here you can read and learn about it. Most of the time worrying about them only gives you more. Good luck.
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I am a 44 year old women very athletic,  Have had the same thing since I was 21 years old it stopped me short in life and I have been in and out of Doctor's office's  er rooms and hell in my mind for years!  Get help for them mentally before you waste 24 years of your life not doing what you want in life because you feel these damn heart skips. There going to happen whether you do what you want or not, might as well have fun.  It is mostly a head trip and the more you resist they will persist. I am wishing you complete recovery and enjoyment of your life!
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I'm 30 years old, my father died 2007 as a result of high blood pressure which later led to stroke. He died about 2years after. My mother also complain of chest pain which later resulted to death on friday 18, 2011 when she waked me up in the mid-night that she can not breath well again I don't know what to do due to anxiety I started praying for her and rushed out for help, before I returned she has been foaming and died. I was surprised because my dad do not foam in his mouth. Now I have been observing  that when something appear to me suddenly I become scare and feel pains in my chest. Does it mean I have inherited the same problem from my parent
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