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Palpitations after eating

I have fairly frequent palpitations, typically no more than about 10-15 per day or less, sometimes more noticeable than others. Is it normal for the heart to skip beats after eating a meal? I always seem to notice that not long after eating, especially something heavy like a slice of pizza or a bbq sandwich or something, my heart tends to want to beat fast or skip. I take Metoprolol twice a day for benign tachycardia, sometimes after I eat I feel the palpitations so much though that I'll have to take a half of a dose. Is this just vagus nerve response, or just normal? It's kind of annoying. They seem to be worse the more I eat at once, or if it's something spicy.  Tends to be better if I space meals out more, which I can't always do.
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Pretty common and the going theory is that it is vagus nerve related though not all doctors agree but there is enough evidence that many people have this happen after a meal that some connection is there.  I get it too on foods that are gas producing and spicy meals.  It is especially noticeable after a bout of acid reflux.  So try and eat smaller portions and avoid carbohydrates if you can. As well try to head off any indigestion or acid reflux and see if that helps.  The amount you hare having though are not a big concern or a threat to you in any way.  Just do your best to address your stomach and try not to worry.  Take care.  They really are basically benign.
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Michelle's answers are always helpful

I'm suffering exactly the same way you have described yourself
I'm having my dinners around 5Pm-6pm which is very early for my family but I m changing my routine to get rid of these skipped beats but I can't see any improvement
Seriously I'm getting depressed day by day
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What I'm finding is once you experience this heart problem it makes one super vigilant about everything!!!!!!!! I think about what I'm eating, when, how cold or hot, quantity etc etc. when I go to sleep I pray my heart will not awaken me with terror in the night.  This has been game changing in my life. Hoping it all calms down and I can relax a bit. Can anyone relate?
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And yes....depression!!!!! Fighting it everyday. Very hard not to be discouraged and scared and of course waiting for something bad.........its way stressful which turns into depression often.  
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Yes Eliza it's true, once it happened it just made my body and brain exactly how u described
I'm so scared, and to be honest with u my anxiety started after the first episode of skipped beats and since then I never felt better
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I relate totally. The more we know abut it. The more we worry and we become hypersensitive to everything we feel. Oh to be able to go back to being ignorant of every beat.
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