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Palpitations and life insurance

What have I done?

I have beaten these things mentally but came to a realization after subjecting myself to testing and admitting myself to a doctor for “heart palpitations” so I now have a condition that makes me uninsurable?

I am fine with them and workout live normal life get 5-10 a week now PACs. When I was monitored for 2 weeks straight I had a pac couplet which is what I’m worried will get me denied...

I’ve been having these for 15 years without any actually problems now I may have screwed myself... does anyone else have experience with insurers? Is this an existing condition?

I luckily have a policy in place for 7 years but this will not cover me until kids are old enough.
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What is your medial diagnosis?
I don't believe palpitations is in itself a diagnosis.
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