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Hello. Yesterday at about 7 pm I had an episode which freaked me out. I was out and about and when I returned I was stressed running around the house doing stuff. Note I was thirsty since I hadn't had any water for hours and anything to eat for 35 hours. As soon as I say down on my couch I started getting continuous fluttering like palpitations back to back in my heart but it didn't feel like it was going fast. I had no other symptoms and it quickly resolved. I have been checked numerous times heartwise all ok bloodwork ok except anemia/Hashimoto thyroiditis.
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Hello~It sounds like you had either some PAC's or PVC's, both associated with skipped heart beats and very common. Being dehydrated and hungry can certainly be a trigger. In a structurally normal heart and absence of heart disease, they are nothing to worry about.
Thanks so much!!
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