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Please tell me if I should worry about these ECG results...

Atrial Rate - 61 bpm

Ventricular rate - 62 bpm

PR Interval - 224 ms

QRS Duration - 86 ms

QT - 384 ms

QTc - 390 ms

P Axis - 15 deg

QRS Axis - 36 deg

T Axis - 42 deg

Interpretation - Abnormal ECG - Sinus Rhythm -  normal P Axis, V- rate 50 -99

- First Degree AV Block -

PR > 210, V-rate 50 -90


I am currently dealing with a Motility Disorder with chest pressure, difficulty swallowing, anxiety, shortness of breath when I walk up stairs and hills, and GERD!  

Now, I am not sure if the above symptoms are based on a hidden heart problem.

Any comments are appreciated by me.

~Happy Holidays with a successful and healthy New Year to all~
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Hi. First degree heart block sounds awful, doesn't it.  However, it is not really quite as bad as it sounds.  First, you have to make sure it isn't being caused by an electrolyte imbalance, nor medications that can cause a prolonged PR interval.  (Sounds like the already ruled out myocardial infarction).  You will probably have to be monitored as an outpatient to make sure you are not getting any meds that will do this.  First degree HB does not usually progress to other, more serious heart blocks. It does enhance risks for a-fib (can be controlled), and some other things, hence the reason for monitoring as an outpatient as often as your cardiologist deems necessary.  If you also have a bundle branch block, they will monitor more often.  Good luck.  Keep us updated.
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Thank you for responding back. I have a separate thread for G.I. help for my other symptoms. I just don't know if my GERD, anxiety, shortness of breath (could result from regular chest pressure), chest pressure, and difficulty swallowing solid foods are connected with the ECG results.

Until Nov., I have been exercising  regularly on a treadmill with no signs of distress.

I took engery pills from GNC with three times the caffine, on an empty stomach and it landed me in the ER. Then after the ECG, I started to experience the above symptoms. it didn't help having the device being jammed in my left breast area- on nipple directly
I am just trying to get well again.

Does my whole ECG results indicate I have a heat problem?

I have to rule this out.


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Well, a first degree heart block is a heart problem.  We actually all have "heart problems" here.  They become problems as soon as they interfere with our lives, or in some sad cases, when they interfere with our mortality.  I explained a bit about 1st degree in my first post, but am not a doctor.  Just keep getting monitored for any comorbid heart issues.  If none, then you have a "normal" "heart problem"....lol  
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