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Please tell me if this is normal and if not what might be wrong??

Resting heart rate 75-100, sitting 85-110, standing and walking into the kitchen 115-135, after taking a hot bath and blwong my hair dry in a hot bathroom 140!!!!!! It's reallt scaring me can someone please help me understandd because I am so confused?
Other info:
I am 22-female, 122 lbs, 5"5 ft tall, only eat foods low in fat (lots of fruits and veggies, wheat, baked chicken, etc.), I have severe scoliosis which prevents me from exercising much and when my heart beats fast I get dizzy, fatigued, and faint which prevents me from exercising because it only makes it worse. I drink lots of water, smoke 1- 1 1/4 pk a day, drink occasionally, take b12 and magnesium vitamins.

I have had many EKGs, 2 stress tests, and an ultrasound of my heart (ALL NORMAL), Had thyroid tests, blood tests, urine tests (All normal except I have low b12 (reason I take b12 shots once a month and take supplements), and low blood sugar if I don't eat 3 meals a day which I do, and my bp is usually in between 90,96-60,68! Someone please tell me what's going on! I've been to 3 cardiologists and the ER many times and everything was always normal!!!
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I'd say that's well within the normal parameters..... for someone on a pack+ per day. That's your problem!

By the way, a hot bath will elevate your pulse as the body is trying to cool itself down.
your resting HR in range.the others a bit high.after a hot bath yes it would be up..but not hotter than the water is..plus your body cools fast.you notice you sweat when your threw.thats the body cooling down..it happens fast also..will raise you HR AND BP..
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We aren't doctors here so we can't properly diagnose you but it sounds like you have had all the tests necessary to rule out anything with the heart.  Your heart is healthy so there is likely some other contributing factor.  My suspicion is your low blood pressure is possibly raising your heart rate a bit.  I tend towards having low bp and my heart rate is really pretty similar to yours.  It has always been this way so I really never thought much of it.  That said, if I don't have enough salt in my diet my bp can get low enough to cause dizziness and feeling faint.  Besides for the smoking and lack of exercise you sound like you have a very healthy diet but it may actually be too low in sodium.  So I would suggest adding a little and see if that would help and maybe going to your GP to get your sodium levels checked and consulting with them about what would be healthy amounts for you.  But overall I don't think you have anything to be too concerned over.  Take care.
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Well Michell hit all the points that came to my mine while reading your post, so I post just to reinforce.

Yes, more salt in the diet did occur to me to raise the BP.  I say this because of all the attention I see to a low salt diet to treat high blood pressure.  In my case I think it doesn't make any difference...but worth a try,  in some reasonable measure, not suggesting sitting down and "licking a salt lick" (such as is used for animals that need more salt).  Salt gets a bad "rap" some of it is needed.

You mention scoliosis, I am not familiar with the symptoms of that and not being a medical person (that means far less than a medical doctor) I don't know what salt intake does relative to that condition.

In any case, you say in your post you have been checked by doctors, that is the right way to address.. that and quit smoking.  I quite the "wed" about 30 years ago, and as age overtakes me I wonder how much worse I'd be (if alive) if I hadn't quit smoking.  
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The hot bath may be a bad idea considering your issues. I may be wrong but hot baths open your vessels, which lowers your pressure even further. So your body compensates by racing the heart. Just my 2 cents.

Everyone will tell you to quit the smoking. I know, I've been hearing it for 43 years....I'm 55. I smoke the lightest brand and keep it around a half pack per day, just enough to keep the edge off. More than that makes me anxious. But at 22 - you should really try to quit. The only issue is your pressure may get lower which would not be good. The suggestions by the other posts seem very logical with regard to the salt. I can understand the B12 supplements....but why magnesium? Maybe that is lowering your BP? Look into that.

I too have low blood sugar, low blood pressure, they both can make you feel awful.
Do yourself lots of good by the same method!  Lower your 1/2 pack a day by even 2 cigs per day for month then 2-3 less than that the next month, etc.

This method worked for me even though I smoked a pack and a half a day for most of 22 years.   I actually quit by using this method after four months by going down a lot faster, but amazingly...i could.
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Thanks everyone for the replies it does make me feel a bit better. Jrizzuto I was told to take magnesium because my heart was fluttering, skipping beats, etc. And I am b12 deficient because of the Omeprazole that I have to take because of my severe acid reflux, that is the reason for b12 supplements. And a few people online have told me to be checked for POTS? Not really sure what that is. I don't know what's going on but it really scares me everytime my heart does these things because I always think it is a heart attack like most people do. I have chest, shoulder, and back pain a lot but from what I have found it is because of my severe scoliosis which is curved to the left causing my rib cage to twist, it also compromises my left lung a bit. I hurt a lot because of it but I am not in the position for surgery at the moment. And another question should I walk, exercise, etc with my heart tripping out as it does? I know that exercising is good for your heart but in the long run could it make my rapid heart beat worse?
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Actually exercising is the best thing for you.  So long as you don't start getting a lot of pvcs while running, I get a few as I start up and when I slow down but so long as they don't get persistent and worse as you run, exercising will help make your heart stronger.  I had an SVT AVNRT that would cause my heart to beat at upwards of 230bpm.  When I first started to get the episodes I would have to lay down to be able to feel OK but once I added some cardio the episodes became much easier for me to tolerate.  That said, make sure you are hydrated when you run.  With your low blood pressure, if you run and dehydrate yourself you will risk passing out.  But yes, definitely get some cardio in if it doesn't cause you too much pain with the scoliosis.  You might want to ask your scoliosis doctor if it is ok to exercise but if they give you the thumbs up go for it.  You will feel much better for it.  
you have the same diagnosis and synptoms as me
Treasha888  I have had my avnrt corrected with an ablation and have not had any more svt episodes since.  I do still have some minor premature beat issues but nothing like I was having.  Have you been diagnosed with avnrt?  If so you may want to consider an ablation to get it corrected for good.  Take care.
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This is probably all or most caused by your low blood pressure.

My blood pressure is borderline low (100/60 - 110/65) and I get your symptoms, especially in the hours after heavy exercise because the blood vessels are dilated (which is not a bad thing). If you have low tension in your arteries, the only way the body can prevent you from fainting when you stand up is to increase the heart rate. The fact that you have a high heart rate after a warm bath proves this theory (it's almost the best test to see if you have a rapid heart rate caused by low blood pressure).

Exercise would without doubt help, so the heart is able to pump higher amount of blood each beat instead of just speeding up. Walking and jogging is great (if you are able to do so).

Another possibility (if this is really bothersome) is to discuss with your doctor a nonselective beta blocker, which both slow your heart rate and have a somewhat constricting effect on the arteries. The blood pressure is usually not changed, but your heart is less racing..

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Thanks michelle for the info and yes my doctor says my back will be fine for a good walk or so and the only questions i have are what is pvcs and svt avnrt?
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And i will also be wearing my heart monitor to make certain that I dont go over my target heart rate.
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Here is an on-line MedHelp resource that may help with your questions:

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Jerry posted a good link that talks about pvcs (premature ventricular contractions) and arrhythmias but it didn't talk much about avnrt.  Avnrt is a supraventricular tachycardia (svt).  It is characterized by having an extra fiber near the avnode.  The avnode is the junction within the heart that distributes the electrical signal to the lower chambers (ventricles of the heart).  In avnrt the signal will sometimes jump on the extra fiber and get caught in a loop around the avnode creating a heart beat generally over 200bpm.  You have sinus tachycardia.  Which is a normal beat but one that is elevated.  Your low bp likely being a possible reason.  Work on correcting that and you should feel better even if your heart beat stays a bit elevated.    
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You have got the description of PVCs and AVNRT above, but that doesn't seem to be your problem. It seems to be sinus tachycardia caused by a low blood pressure and poor condition.

Quit smoking, start exercising, stay hydrated and this problem will almost certainly be solved.
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And it seems to get worse when I drink alcohol even small amounts. Even before I took my first drink my bpm (while sitting) was 108. And just a moment ago (sitting-half a beer drank) my bpm is 113. And I'm just sitting here! I'm really starting to get angry and hopeless. I have starting getting a lot of anxiety and having panic attacks everytime my heart starts beating rapidly. I can't go anywhere, I can't do anything, and I am terrified that I am going to have a heart attack every five minutes! This is stupid and it is no way to have to live!! The only reason I drink is because it calms my anxiety and helps me worry alot less! I dont know what to do anymore! The tests are always normal and the doctors laugh is my face when I ask them to check me for different things. They always says "Well your other tests were normal and you have no signs of heart disease so stop worrying." How can a 22 year old woman not worry when her sitting heart rate is faster than her 14 year old sisters walking heart rate? I am so confused and just ready to give up. This is taking all the fun out of my life and I feel like a crap in a shell. Someone please help me. I just don't know what to do anymore!
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Hang in there (((Hugs))).  If it is any consolation my heart rate is similar to yours.  It is always near the 100s and goes high upon exertion.  I guess since it has always been that way I never really gave it much thought.  If there is any way you can get some cardio in you might feel better.  I can't run on a treadmill because of a compressed disc in my lower spine so I got an elliptical which is low impact and it has helped slow my heart rate a bit.   But definitely make sure you drink a lot of water if you get dizzy or lightheaded from exercise.  If your scoliosis really does prevent you from doing that then you might want to consider trying beta blockers but that is a huge long term commitment that I am sure your doctors are trying to avoid at your young age.  I also know my stomach is a big trigger for my fast beat.  It always goes up after I eat or drink alcohol so you might want to try antacids and see if it helps but consult a doctor if you find they help and need to do them long term.  Finally, really take some time to think about what you can do to work through your stress and anxiety.  The worry you are putting yourself through is very possibly making things worse.  That is not to say that your issues are not to be taken seriously but that if you can find some ways to center yourself and relax you may find your heart rate goes down.  If it doesn't in the minimum you will feel better from not being stressed the bottom line being your heart rate, though a bit elevated isn't something that is going to cause you to have a heart attack.  Stressing about it over time may do you more harm so do what you need to do to deal with the stress and anxiety.  Really you are not alone in that area.  There is even an anxiety forum here to deal with it.  Maybe check it out to talk with others who are also trying to manage their anxiety.  Sometimes in life our bodies don't behave how we would like while others seem to have no problems at all.  Unfortunately that is the way it goes sometimes.  But try not to let it determine your happiness in life.  Yes, you have been dealt a few lemons on the body front but decide to find happiness despite your body aches and troubles and you might find that the body issues aren't as bothersome to you as they were before.  Choose happiness my dear and it is amazing how things will fall into place for you.  Take care my friend and feel better soon.
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Thanks Michelle. I'm glad someone understands. It just gets really depressing and I start to feel hopeless at times. Good news though! I finally pushed away my fear of a heart attack today and walked to my library! It was about a 2 mile walk (to & from) and I never panicked or anything the whole time! Walking felt great, though my lungs found it slightly complicated LOL! I keep my heart monitor on while exercising and the highest my bpm got during my 2 mile walk was 150 which I know is normal for that kind of exertion. I just looked at the monitor and my bpm was 84, with me sitting here typing. Makes me feel a bit better. Maybe my heart rate will gradually decrease over time if I continue to exercise! I REALLY HOPE SO!
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That's great! If you keep exercising you will improve further. Just remember that when your anxiety drives up your heart rate, you will feel in worse condition that you actually are.

Three years ago I was so afraid that I wasn't able to walk for a minute without getting severe palpitations, panic and extremely high heart rate. Now I can climb up 10 levels of stairs without even paying attention to what I'm doing. I have to admit, I had to ask my doctor for a small dosage of propranolol (nonselective beta blocker) in the beginning, but without doubt it helps to be active and trust yourself.

Keep up the good work and we are always here for you!
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I have heard of this as well. I think it is called inappropriate sinus tachy...   I stand up and my pulse jumps up. I walk and it jumps up. I have a higher then normal heart rate anyway. My cardio told me I am find and to go about my life lol
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Well, IST is a special condition, a rapid heart rate in the absence of ALL other possible explainations. Some say it is linked to rapid heart rate when you stand up and walk, but this can have a lot of other explainations. The most common ones are "jumpy" autonomic nerve system caused by chronic stress and anxiety (generalized anxiety), low blood pressure (dehydration, dilated blood vessels, etc) and there is also an autonomic dysfunction causing this (less common).

Another one is deconditioning, which most people won't accept they have. But sitting for a couple of years worrying about the heart will by 100% certainty affect the condition :)

Anyway, IST is usually also benign but annoying.

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A. Stop smoking
B.  You may have low central venous pressures, hence low preload and it causes a type dysautonomia.
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