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Post Pacemaker Tiredness

I had a pacemaker put in on June 27th. I had a weigkieback 2 rythum. My heart beat between 30 at night to 45 BPM.

Directly after the operastion I noticed that I felt stronger and could breath easier. For the last week I've been tired. Today I am very tired. My blood pressure today was 120/77 and my pulse was 83.

Is there any reason I should feel tired from the operation?

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Chances are the heart rate of 83 is your own natural heart rate and is not your pacer working; that would kick in when the heart rates are real low. Keep us posted.
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Thanks for the information. I have a scheduled visit to my Doctor tommorow.

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As it has been just over one week I think you should discuss all new experiences with your doctor (or technical support).  

A resting (you didn't say that) of 83 is fine, mine is there and is higher than in my pre-AFib days, but given you have a pacemaker to address a low night-time HR I wonder why it is that high. Is your pacemaker set to keep it that high?  What was you HR when you "felt stronger"?

If it were me I'd want to discuss all question with my doctor, or the office support staff, until I became comfortable with what I was feeling.
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