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Prednisone effects

ive had pvcs for years now and have been on 80mg sotalol am and pm, my resting heart rate is always between 58-64, ive just also been diagnosed with polymylagia rheumatic for which my specialist has prescribed 30mg prednisone am, ive been on it for 4 days and since then every afternoon around the same time my hr raises, the first day i was so scared i ended up in the er, my hr was only 111 but it felt alot faster to me, ecg and obs were fine, dr said i was just having a panic attack and if i feel my heart racing again to just take a extra dose of sotalol which i refuse to do as my cardiologist told me years ago not to change the dose without close ecg monitoring.
my hr has been sat on 80 odd all afternoon which i know is not HIGH but feels high to me and freaks me out, i dont see the specialist again for 10 days as i live in a regional town and he only comes in once a fortnight, dont know if i should just stop taking the prednisone or try to put up with the fast hr, my hr normally settles back down to its usual 60 after my pm dose of sotalol
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