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Prolonged qt interval on one ekg?

Hey everyone,

I had a couple ekgs done back in April because I have been really anxious. First one was done April 10th. All normal and the second was done April 24th.  When my doctor came In the room after my second ekg he asked if I was on meds and I said no. He said my ekg was fine but my qtc was a little long. He left the room to compare it to my other ekg and came back and said everything was fine and that he was not worried. Well thanks to my anxiety I can't seem to get qt syndrome out of my head! I have since gone back twice and he has reassured me that my heart is fine and that doing any additional testing would be a waste of my money and that I don't have LQTS. When I leave his office I am relieved but then after a day or two my anxiety creeps up and I start thinking about it. I am 31 years old, female, healthy lifestyle. I've had one other ekg back about 6 years ago and that was fine as well. I am not working now and don't have the money or insurance for a cardiologist. I don't have specific numbers only mentioned that my QT was 350 on the second ekg.   I don't know what to do? Do I get another opinion or trust my doctor. I have no history of fainting, seizures, or dizzy spells. Before my anxiety the only time my heart rate went up during exercise or when really nervous and even then it lingers around 100/110.
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