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Pulse rate 209 bpm standing up after hot bath - should I tell a cardiologist?

Today I did an experiment, to try and see why I can't have a bath or shower for nearly two decades as my pulse rate always goes far too fast if the water is hot, not painfully so, just hot.  Before getting in the water and using my medical grade pulse oximeter, my resting heart rate was 100bpm. Within a few minutes, it rose from 140bpm to 170bpm laying flat and 190bpm sitting upright.  I wondered why it is so fast though, because at 44, I thought at rest, my maximum estimated heart rate shouldn't be much over 176bpm for my age?

Getting out the bath, a peak pulse of 209 seems a little fast? (I am already diagnosed with POTS, Vasovagal Syncope, SVT, IST, and have had one episode of VT). Afterwards, my heart felt worn out, like I'd over exercised it, and it ached for hours. Thank you for any help or ideas.
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