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Racing heart and palpitations

I am 32 and I have had palpitations my whole life. Lately my heart has started pounding when I am trying to sleep. One day while driving this happened and I almost passed out. This is happening so frequently now that I am really starting to get scared, and I am not sleeping for more than a couple hours because it wakes me up. I do not have insurance so I haven't went to the doc. What could this be? Should I be concerned?
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You have a problem that may eventually be life-threatening, and you must obtain an in-person evaluation from a physician. All emergency rooms in the United States will treat and evaluate regardless of the ability to pay. If you don't have insurance they will treat and send you a bill. That's better than being dead, decomposing  and buried. Or causing an auto accident  resulting in the deaths of innocent others.  Many clinics will accept a small payment if you are evaluated as being below a certain income level. Often such problems can be treated with inexpensive medications, or something as simple as a magnesium supplement. Don't take anything, however, without a consult with an M.D.
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We can't really diagnose you because this is just the members section but the fact that you felt as though you would pass out is something that needs to be evaluated.  Do you also get short of breath and dizzy?  Do you know what your pulse is when you have an episode?  It could possibly be nothing to be too concerned about but unfortunately you will need to and should go to the doctor to get this checked out.  Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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