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Recently diagnosed with PVC/PAC

Disclaimer: This might be long as I just want to get my thoughts out and hear feedback/tips from others.

So I'm currently 17 years old, and have been experiencing PVC/PAC's since I was about 12. I never noticed them before that. My doctor believes that I had them all my life but I didn't notice them until I was 12. Which makes sense because that was when my cousin died, and I became super in-tuned with my body and I believe I might have developed anxiety from it.

Over the last year and a half I've taken various tests, Blood Test(Came back normal), ECG(structurally normal heart), EKG, and finally my Holter Monitor which is what they made the final diagnosis from. My doctor said I had ~150 supra ventricle something (I forget all these terms) and 4 PVC's over 24 hours. He also said I had two pauses that were kinda long but nothing he is going to worry about. I read that sometimes if you hit the monitor or something it will show pauses.

So all in all he said I have a structurally normal heart, but my conduction system irregularity lets in extra beats. He told me that they are benign but if I have any bad symptoms to contact him or go to the hospital.

I'm not 100% that I have anxiety but I'm pretty sure I do because I get uptight and sometimes panic if they are bad. Every couple of months I'll get an episode where I feel this episode of PVCs that feel like a flip flop in my chest which can lost for like a minute non-stop. That's when I panic and anxiety kicks in. But normally I'll feel a couple hard beats a day. From what I've read I'm luck for how little I actually feel in a day, where others can feel thousands.

So in ending the main questions I have are:
Does anybody else have PVC/PACs and have a structurally normal heart like myself?

Do you experience an episode like i do every couple of months where you get PVCs that are nonstop for up to a minute?

Does exercise actually help decrease PVCs and palpitations? (I've been considering starting to run recreational)

I've started taking Flaxseed 1000mg and Magnesium, is there anything else you recommend?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and helping me out in any way you can.
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Your symptoms are very common.  I have had PVCs for years.  At least since I was 16, but probably longer.  I'm 42 now.  When I was a teenager, I often had heart palpitations.  Then over time I would feel an occasional thud which would nearly scare the crap out of me.  As time went on, I felt them more and more.  I finally went for a full work-up and was told they were benign.  On a good day, I had 100 PVCs, on a bad day 24,000!  

I will tell you that anxiety is a huge cause of PVCs.  Also, if I am stressed, over tired, angry, they increase.  Last year, I had a bad bout and decided to drive myself to the ER.  I was having about 40 PVCs a minute and non-sustained V-tach.  Since then, I have had multiple ekgs, an echocardiogram, a holter moniter, stress test, cardiac mri and tons of blood work.  I have been told, they are benign and that my heart is structurally normal.  You and I happen to be the unfortunate ones that feel them.  

Occasionally, although I think I am used to them, I feel like flutters or vibrations.  It just feels different.  I try to just talk myself through the episode and breathe.  This could be short runs of v-tach.  This may be what you are describing.  

Exercise could decrease the PVCs and I encourage you to get as much exercise as you can.  Take a walk, ride your bike, swim.  It will be good for your heart.  Don't be surprised though if after you exercise, they come right back.  This is very common and nothing to be afraid of.

As for supplements, I have tried them all.  I take magnesium.  For me, if I feel like the PVCS are getting unbearable, I take CoQ10.  This seems to lessen the intensity of them and helps to relax me.  

Here is an article you may want to read about supplements.  


Hang in there.  I hope you feel at ease!

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I don't care what anyone tells you or what you read from studies sponsored by the coffee industry.  No caffiene, none, zip.  Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water.  Avoid high carb crap like soda, pop, sugary stuff.
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