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Regarding reports of holter test.

I have a holter test on 21/12/2016 and my reports are as follows. Please tell me the exact condition of my heart. I am 41 yrs old man.  

Heart Rates
49 - Minimum at 2:59:13 am
80 - Average
137 - Maximum at 09:49:37 am
14709 - Beats in tachycardia (>100 bpm), 13% total
6686 - Beats in bradycardia (<60 bpm), 6% total
1.54 - seconds Max R-R at 03:26:32

Supraventriculars (S,J,A)
0  Isolated
0  Couplets
0  Bigeminal cycles
0  Runs totaling 0 beats

115080  QRS complexes
    7091  Ventricular beats (6%)
          0  Supraventricular beats (<1%)
        <1  % of total time classified as noise

Ventriculars (V,F,E,I)
7091  Isolated
      0  Couplets
   110  Bigeminal cycles
      0  Runs totaling 0 beats

1) Sinus rhythm with episode of sinus tachycardia and sinus bradycardia seen.
2) Few isolated, bigeminy, trigeminy, quadrigeminy VEs seen during 24 hrs holter monitoring study. No SVE seen. No Supraventriculars or ventricular run seen.
3) No significant ST depression sen.
4) max R-R interval 1.54 secs. No AV block seen

Please tell me the condition of my heart.
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interpretations 1,3,4 are totally normal.

# 2 relates to you having a lot of premature ventricular contractions.   try googling premature ventricular contractions for more info on what they are.  

You question "tell me the condition of my heart" can't be answered by just a holter EKG.  Requires other info such as an Echo.  You doctor is the person to best answer the question.
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