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Remedy for badly broken skin from 30-day sticky pad electrodes?

After what seems like an eternity, I'm on day 30 of my 30 day recorder.  I got some great recordings of what is going on with this arrhythmia that has begun nearly 6 years after my ablation for near life-long AVRT. Anyway, I moved the pads around to different locations daily as instructed, but I some badly broken welts that are raised and some are oozing.  Can anyone recommend an effective salve that I can put on after this final set of pads is removed that will take care of business?  With my fair complexion, it's not pretty......
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Hi Tom,  Glad you got some good recordings.  Hopefully you can get some answers and maybe some peace of mind.  I personally like First Aid Ointments for things like that.  Its like a gel similar to Vaseline that may have skin protectants in it like aloe vera.  Most will help soothe the spot and protect it from becoming infected.  A name brand I have used is Bacitraycin but I think you could buy a generic version and get similar results. I've used both and find them very effective.  
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Hi Tom, I wore a 30 day event monitor and finished with it on June 22. It was so very irritating to my sensitive skin. I too would move them around to lessen the irritation and had the welps, scabs, etc. Ive been using Calendula cream which has natural healing properties and Eucerin after skin has healed for moisturizer. They've helped me tremendously.
Thanks to you both.  When I d top the recorder kit off at UPS today, I will look for these remedies. At the nearby CVS.  There's not much else around my small town.
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