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Rf Ablation for AVNRT

I'm 16 and I've had AVNRT for 11 years now. It's seriously affecting my life. I have attacks once a week. I had an EP study one year ago which was scary for me. I had cryo-ablation a few months ago which was also scary and I was devastated when, a month after the procedure I had an episode and realised I wasn't cured. I'm scheduled for RF Ablation in a months time and again...I am scared. I'm mainly scared about it not working. I don't want to live my life being afraid of having an attack. I know theres a 98% success rate but theres a 96% success rate for cryo-ablation and I managed to find myself in the 4% that didn't make it. If anyone can reassure me as to the facts about RF Ablation but telling their stories (preferably success stories) it would be very much appreciated. Also they want me to go in the day before the op which I don't understand, something to do with 3d mapping my heart, if you can shed some light on that  it would be helpful. I'm not normally a nervous person but this is a big step for me. I just want to be normal but I'm scared.......
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My journal entries will give a better accounting of my experience. Like you I was anxious over the procedure, so my EP gave me general anesthesia.  With that and a hypo of Vallium, I remember nothing except sliding onto the table.

I asked about cryoablation, but my EP prefers RF ablation in most cases because it burns deeper and results in fewer repeats. I'm 2 months out and so far, no SVT. Use to get 4 or 5 per month. Still getting clusters of PVCs though and that concerns me.
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.....forgot to mention, mine was AVRT aka Circus Motion Tachycardia.
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I had all of 24 hours to contemplate my RF ablation. It was the most quick and painless procedure I believe I have ever experienced, a walk in the park really.  Despite some complications, i.e. an unmaksing of an existing tachycardia, my AVRT was pretty much terminated.  Hope it goes well for you.
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I had an RF ablation done almost 4 months ago for SVT AVNRT. It was a 50/50 as the re-entry pathway was deep in the heart muscle and he couldn't burn too deep. So far it is holding (kop, kop)
The first month was the worse with frequent PVC's and PAC's and I thought that it had been a waste of time, but as the weeks have gone on the Paps have gone. I have had some issues with my Bp since the procedure and residual leg pain, mostly at the entry site but other than that it seems to have somewhat worked. (fingers crossed) My cardio did say he might have to repeat the procedure at somepoint in the future if the pathway grows back.
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Thanks very much for your comments. If theres any more it would be much appreciated.
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