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Runs of SVT 5 months after ablation


i had an ablation in february. I reacted pretty bad after with innappropriate sinus tachy, SVTs, I couldnt move or swallow or talk without provoking my heart to beat very quick or fall in some arrythmia. Things got well four days later, but I still had to move very carefully for like a month, and I didnt feel really well to start some sport.

Month ago, I got a runs of sinus tachy and SVT, which were also positional. Went to emergency but they couldnt help me as I wasnt all the time in it. Finally it stopped and I went home.

And then it started - had a few runs of SVT when i sat down or lay down. Now its not the moving, its .. i dont know what. I feel them building up in my heart, when i sit down or stand up it starts. After i make few steps it stops. I sleep with five pillows, every time i wake up at night im frightened to get them again. ¨
Its getting slowly better, it´s been 4 days and now I had only three at night, which disappeared quick and were very "soft" Im on bisoprolol.

Please, is there someone who had similar problem??? Did you get used to it? My doc wants to retry ablation, but I feel my original SVT was better than this.

Thanks so much for helping me out!

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I'm not sure I have anything to help, but I am curious if your doctors explained why swallowing/talking and positional issues induce your arrhythmia? What was your original ablation for, and did they tell you what area they ablated?

The short runs of ST and SVT, where you on a Holter or Event Monitor for such determination to be made?

You're in the right place, there's some excellent commenters here. I'm afflicted with PVCs, but there seems to be a frequent swallowing inducement. I'll follow what others tell you as well. Sorry to see you subject to this after ablation. I'm sure some rhythm disturbances afterwards is expected, and members who had ablations will surely comment.
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To be honest my concern is that they didn't get the original svt and now that your heart is a bit provoked from the ablation you are having more episodes.  It is also possible you had a few extra pathways.  That can happen as well.  I do know after my ablation I had a lot of ectopic activity for a few years after.  Now I only have bouts of it.  What type of svt did you have ablated?  Does what you are feeling feel the same as before.  I know you say it is worse but is it worse because it is happening so often or because it is different and if so in what way?  I wold question the EP what he thinks is going on and what he thinks your chances of full success are.  I will say after my ablation I had more ectopic activity.  Ectopics are actually the reason most people fall into svt so you could be falling into svt more now because of extra ectopic activity though I can't say that for certain but they do kind of feed off each other.  Do your best to take it easy and give your heart a chance to rest as much as possible and see if that helps.  As for doing another ablation you have to go by what you feel in your gut is the right thing.  the more informed you are about what exactly is going on with you the better you will be able to decide.  I wish you the best of luck getting this sorted out.  Please keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Thanks so much for commenting.
Artaud, no they didnt explain. They were pretty surprised, too. I developed also a heart block (dont know the right word in english, im writing from france - blockage?) which disappeared few days later. He tried to burn 30+ times and said it was maybe too much.

Michelle, thank you very much. They didnt get the original one, though when i was falling into big SVT right after I was able to stop them by pressing on my neck quickly. Well they appeared right away back, but its way more easier.
My EP suggests he would try again, with kryo (freezing) and go to the other parts of the heart. As he said, in the first attemps they dont search for "weird" things. He said around 1% has it located somewhere else (seems im a "lucky" girl"

You are right that I dont get the "big" SVTs anymore, even if i still have the pathway (or another one). Its just that it happens often. I went through the comments here and somehow I´m wondering if I shouldnt try to live with it and like you, see if it gets better with age. I feel pretty much everything with my heart, even extrasystols (thats ectopics right?) and I just want this over. I could cope more easy with one big SVT here and there than a daily short runs that freaks me out.

I think I will try to wait. I should see my EP in august, so I have time to think that over.
Thanks a million!
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And i have AVRNT, too. He tried to burn a lot but he went really close to my AV node and didnt want to take a risk due to my age (im 32).
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