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Runs of ectopics that are not that fast.

So a little history. I an 25 with a structurally normal heart according to my cardiologist. Just a very mild mirtral valve leakage. Anyway, I have been having pvcs and few pacs for 2 years now. Had 3 holters that only caught those. Now, I get a run of ectopics that hasn't been caught. It lasts a few seconds, 10 beats at most and I'm so scared. I have managed to take my pulse during one of those and it was 102. So not that fast but I'm scared it is vtach. What could it be? I have been to 2 cardiologists and they just tell me to ignore them. They won't do another holter because they think it's not necessary but I'm scared I'm going to drop dead. What could this be? Could it be slow nsvt or bigeminy? It felt like beat beat bambambambam.... Beat beat. Any ideas?
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1. Vtach is always a possibility. But actually not necessarily dangerous. PVC patterns also possible as you mentioned. It’s very difficult to quantify what sort of heart rhythm issue you’re having by a pulse or a sensation. You can have just 1 single PVC and FEEL like you just had 4 or 5.

2. What you were doing when you had symptoms in as much detail as possible, family history of sudden cardiac death or heart disease (if any), any history of fainting spells or dizziness, gender, age and a description of specific times of the day or month (if related to period) in which you experience symptoms. Any other triggers etc. all needed information to give an opinion.

3. As I said earlier, not all VT is life threatening. In fact only a minority of VT is hemodynamically unstable and fatal. So if that’s your “worst case” scenario bear this in mind. It is not necessarily VT to begin with and even if it is, it’s not necessarily life threatening VT. I think you got good odds of not experiencing sudden death based on the limited information offered so far.
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I have no family history, no dizziness or fainting spells. Only palpitations. This usually happens when I'm sitting or relaxing in bed. I have no other symptoms when this happens. I have a long history of a panic disorder and OCD but this is it. No other health issues. Dropping dead is my worst case scenario and I live in fear of it.
Also I'm a female, 25 and I think it happens about a week before my pariod mostly but can happen any other time.
Sorry I keep commenting just wanted to know something if you have the knowledge. My pvcs werebfrom the left outflow tract and all my google search said rvot are the benign ones. My cardiologist though said that it was a good thing that they were VOT pvcs. Any insight?
Hi, I have so had this recently, ectopic  beats for what felt like a minute, yet no tachycardia to go with them, I’m really confused as to wether this makes it VT or not?
What I’m reading on the internet keeps saying 3 PVCs  in a row=  VT  but I’m pretty certain I wasn’t  having tachycardia!
what you describe is a lot like what I had twice, if it helps any my cardiologist wasn’t concerned :)
Yeah same here, I can have a string of them but not a fast heart rate. I think technically, the pvc's have to be at a rate of 120bpm or higher to be NSVT. Still scary when they happen.
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