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SVT- Eating certain foods

I have SVT and mitro valve prolapse.  When I eat peanut butter or drink milk my heart beats so fast I cannot function. I have burning in my ears and have passed out many times.  Has anyone ever heard of this? I am 38. I took medication for over 15 years the last 6 years I have been able to control the episodes myself without medication. The peanut butter and milk thing puzzles me.  
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I have an 11 year old son with severe life threatening food allergies...including peanut & milk.  He also seems to react to food additives & caffeine.  Did a dr ever confirm that allergies caused your SVT?  They want my son to have ablation...at 11.  I think it's due to food allergies.  Any comments?
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Allergies can cause rapid heart rates.
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i have svt too no of years and if i eat chocolate or potato chips my heart goes off on one
i  dont know maybe there is something in the food that just triggers it ,like caffine and such
i just stopped eating them small price to pay .u are not lactose intoralant are u
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