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SVT and beta blockers, what's normal and what's not.

Sorry I wouldn't quite sure how to title the topic cause it's kind of a broad range question. So I'll just start from the beginning of what's going on with me and maybe get some you guys input at where I'm at today. Okay so I've always had palpitations in my life. Through my teens and twenties if I had 3 palpitations a year that was pretty high. So my heart problems I've always been very minimal nothing has really ever worried me. But one afternoon when I was driving home from work in November of 2014. I was sitting in bad traffic. And all the sudden I started feeling very light headed like I was going to pass out I noticed my heart was racing almost kind of out of rhythm. I seriously felt like I was about to die so I called 911. An ambulance come and pick me up and took me to the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital I'm starting to feel okay again pretty much this time around they dismissed it as an anxiety attack and sent me away. I kind of thought it was odd. I've never really had anxiety problems my whole life. But I dismissed it is just that anxiety. So another full year goes by no problems and I have to say around September of 2015 I have a really bad episode same thing racing heart. I was sitting in a car riding with my brother and I don't know where my heart rate shut up 196 beats per minute. Thanks to the Advent of technology I was able to capture how fast my heart rate was in real time. The same thing though I really felt like I was going to die I was like this is it my brother's race me to the hospital I'm not going to make it. I get to the hospital and they pretty much kind of blew me off anxiety attack again. So I have several other episodes between September of 2015 until January 2016 I've been in and out of the ER more times than I can count. My symptoms of always been racing heart, chest pain, and faint feeling. Also towards the beginning of all this starting there was an episode to where I was staying busy like vertigo feeling for two weeks on end Non-Stop. So first off I ended up going to my family physician which put me on anxiety antidepressants. What was the most horrible mistake slash feeling I have ever had in my life I will never take that crap again as long as I live. I finally made it to a Cardiologist we've done EKGs, heart monitor echocardiograms, stress test everything comes back normal except for maybe a few palpitations here in there sporadically on the heart monitor. So he diagnosed me I'm 32 years old now with SVT. He initially put me on 25 milligrams Toprol XL. At the same time I was still taking the antidepressant so those two together really messed me up I quit taking everything all together within 2 months I decided I was going to get off all the medication and see what happens. So almost 6 months to the day of my last episode go by. And all the sudden out of nowhere I had the worst episode I've ever had my life I mean it literally had all the classic symptoms of a heart attack. I was freaking out. But the same time I kept myself calm enough to really monitor myself and what was going on. And from what I've read symptoms of a heart attack would always last more than 30 minutes typically. So I figured I'm going to wait it out for just a little bit see what happens and sure enough within 10 to 15 minutes things start to go away chest pain goes away my heart rate starts coming down I'm not feeling as dizzy but I'm still dizzy. I get back home I take my blood pressure it's all normal. So out of fear of that happening I really start taking the Toprol XL 25 milligram once a day. And I schedule appointment for my cardiologist. When we went in by this point I've been taking the medication for about a month before I see him and I noticed it seem like it wasn't having the best effect as it was when I first start taking it. So he put me on Toprol XL 25 milligram twice a day. And that really seemed to do the trick and I felt good wouldn't have no problems nothing like that. Now comes the present day and I'm still on the same regiment I'm starting to have a lot of palpitations back to back within a single day I'm scheduled to go see my cardiologists in a few weeks here I just don't know how normal SVT and being on a beta blocker and still having palpitation episodes here and there how common is that. Because when I have these I'll call them skipped heartbeats because that's what it feels like they really take it out of me. I'll be fatigued the whole day after that. And that's why I think a lot of times there's something more going on than just this SVT or my medications not right. And also I've been contemplating just going ahead and getting the ablation done and see if that does the trick. Sorry if this seems like I'm rambling. I'm just trying to get as much information in this is possible. Because he's kind of things are really starting to worry me
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