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SVT and palpitations help please !!?

Okay let me start by saying for the past 4 years I've dealt with SVT and Palpitations it wasn't untill 3 months ago that I was diagnosed with AVNRT  a form of SVT was always told before that it was anxiety .. I've had nearly every test done Holters,Ecgs,Stress test, Echo all came back exceptional no one seems interested in medicating me or going for any further testing..problem is that theese pvcs and flutters are ruining my way of living and am looking for some help to alleviate some of theese symptoms...i don't have any known triggers some months just tend to be worse than others I don't smoke don't drink..any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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The pvcs and flutters, probably pacs, are not connected with the svt.  they are a different issue though they do feed off each other.  pvcs and pacs typically pop up from an irritated heart.  An svt episode like avnrt means the heart is beating exceptionally fast.  Normal resting heart rate is below 100bpm.  My svt was caught at 230bpm.  So it is very manic fast and as such the heart is a bit overworked.  It is a muscle and when we push any muscle too hard it can get irritated.  So that can be a trigger for pacs and pvcs.  It is usually a well timed pac or pvcs or a pattern of them that causes us to fall into an svt like avnrt in the first place.  Avnrt is an svt where the avnode has extra muscle fibers leading to it and if there is a great enough pause between beats the secondary path can turn into a reentry situation where the signal circles around the avnode causing the fast heart beat.  So essentially the two condition feed off each other.  

Pvcs and pacs or premature beats are very hard to treat so ideally the best bet is to try and avoid the big triggers.    Besides for things that can overwork the heart, make sure you are well hydrated and do a proper warm up and cool down when exercising, premature beats can be caused by stomach issues, caffeine, sugars and carbs and stress.  If you can avoid those possible triggers you may be able to lessen the amount of premature beats you are getting and subsequently lessen the amount of svt episodes you have.  this said, the only way to cure yourself of the avnrt is to have it ablated.  If it is a common occurrence and ablation may be the best bet.  It will never go away and may very well get worse with age but it is helpful for it to be active if you do opt for an ablation because the EP does need to be able to trigger it so they know where to ablate.  So if you are not active it may be a waste of a procedure but if you get it often enough then it may be worth a shot to try the ablation.  

My premature beat activity has gone down tremendously since my ablation.  I actually did not know I had one condition let alone two prior to getting diagnosed.  I thought I was hyperventilating actually and I misunderstood my fluttering jumpy heart to be all related when it turned out I was having quite a lot of daily premature beat activity prior to my ablation.  Because my heart was irritated it did take a while for the premature beats to settle down after the ablation but it has been 6 years and I have not had another svt episode so that I know is cured.  I still get some premature beats but not like I was so consider an ablation if you are having a lot of premature beats or at least try and watch stomach issues and avoid caffeine and see if that helps.  At some point though you may very well want to consider an ablation.  Take care.    
Thank so much for the detailed response I do notice most of the time my SVT atacks are brought on by extra beats most of the time it occurs after a big meal or being dehydrated or lack of sleep, sickness , or the night after drinking alcohol....my pvcs tend to never happen when I am working out which I do 5 times a week for about an hour. My cardiologist doesn't want to send me to a EP yet because of the infrequency of my attacks which I understand I have maybe had 5 in the past 4 years total but the frequency of pvcs is threw the roof which is strange because I have dramatically decreased alcohol intake quit smoking two years ago compared to my pack a day habit my resting heart rate and bp has dropped a fair amount since then ...my question to you would be after all the tests that have been done are pvcs dangerous I have a fair bit of anxeity over them which I'm sure doesn't make them any better
I should add as well I have had stomach issues since before I can remember lactose intolerant , gastritis which never seems to go away and very bad acid reflux
Have you had an echo done?  If you have and your heart is healthy overall then the pvcs and pacs are not a threat to you.  They are considered harmless in an otherwise healthy heart.  If you have not had an echo I would push for one for your peace of mind but if you have and everything was normal, try and do your best to not hyper focus on the premature beat activity because it will just drive you nut and actually bring on more premature beats.  I agree that only having 5 svt episodes in a 4 year period may make it hard to ablate so it would just be a matter of watching to see if it gets worse.  For some it never does.  So just work on the big premature beat triggers, avoid the caffeine, don't let yourself get dehydrated, do a proper warm up and cool down when exercising, maybe even ease back on the intensity if you go all out and finally address your stomach issues. Talk to your doctor about it if you haven't already.  OTCs may be all you need but best to have your doctor aware because reflux can damage the esophagus overtime.  With those steps hopefully you can lessen the amount of premature beats you are having.  And maybe even help keep the svt further at bay.  I honestly wish I was told about the premature beats and the connection so I could have tried.  Best of luck.  I am around if you ever want to talk.  You can pm me as well.  Take care.
Thanks so much for your help and I have had a echo about a month ago and everything was in very good shape no worries their ....I will try not to focus on the beats and avoid triggers but it is nice to know that I'm not in any immediate danger
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Are you seeing a cardiologist? If you are having recurrent episodes of the SVT, I would definitely ask for a referral to an EP.  An ablation for SVT has a very good success rate, think 90% or better.  If you choose to not go that route, possibly try a beta blocker, that should help with the SVT episodes and may help with the PVCs.  Good luck, don't let it take over your life.
I have seen a cardiologist on a few occasions currently am not as I was told that with my age (25) and the results off all other tests (echo,stress,holter) and infrequency of attacks (1-2 a year) that theirs no need to progress with any other tests or a referral to an EP... which is frustrating cause I live In fear of having another attack and the pvcs and paca seem to be more and more frequent
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