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Should a loop recorder be removed if it has dropped below the breast?

My 79 year old mother had a loop recorder put in 7-4-19 and it was placed top left above the breast and has now fallen under the breast and becoming a problem for her. She will not let the doctors remove it unless she is in a hospital NOT AN OFFICE. Hard to believe it had traveled that far, she at first thought it was a lump under her breast. It has become irritating when bathing, bra,sitting, now for the removal it will be in a hard place to keep away infection so any advise would be nice . Thank you
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Yes we’d pull it out if it’s migrated to a location that’s uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t worry about infection. The incision is super small and easy to close.
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Device migration is a potential complication of implantable loop recorder.

Deviation from optimal position may affect quality of recorded tracings:


This may cause pain/discomfort, as in your mother's case and as in the case report below:


Your mother should consult her cardiologist and/or device manufacturer.
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